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I’m a little embarrassed as I write this because I fell for the 30 Day Change scam. I have always considered myself an intelligent person, not super smart, but general intelligence that it takes to steer clear of such scams. Unfortunately, turns out I was wrong. I fell right for it.

To say that I have little experience with the internet would be a lie. I honestly don’t know how I ended up actually falling for it because now that I look back on the website I see all the signs clear as day. It was a moment of weakness and frustration with my job. It just popped up at the right time and I didn’t even think. What’s $250, plus they guarantee there is no risk and it will grow. I knew I won’t become a millionaire overnight, but I have had friends invest various amounts of money and over time the money grew. I was lazy, didn’t read, and didn’t even look for feedback on the website. Just jumped in.

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How I See the Signs that 30 Day Change is a Scam

Of course, now that I’ve lost $500 I see just how I was lured. Yes, the initial investment amount is $250 but I jumped in and decided to reinvest when they called me because they were so genuine and so convincing that if I would just give it one more shot I’d hit the gold mine. Right.

Since then I have researched the website in depth to see where I went wrong. What I missed. How could I fall for it? They are so convincing. From the moment they start talking you want to turn the video off, convinced it’s another waste of time scam. But you listen and the more you listen the more you are convinced you want to be like them, to have that freedom, to earn money and enjoy life.

Its statements like these:


…that lure you in, but in fact, from what I learned after this experience, its exactly this type of statement that should have given away the fact that the website is a scam.

There was proof, images of bank statements, earnings, and even testimonials. Testimonials which I now understand are completely fake. They are paid actors, and cheap at that. I have since also visited other similar websites and found these exact same actors claiming that their product has made them rich. After researching a few of them I found that they charge only $5 per video. Seriously! I lost $500 because I trusted a cheap and obviously talentless actor making $5 videos!

Take a look, this is one of their actors alongside their fiverr listing for making fake realistic testimonial videos:


Why would he be selling himself for $5 if he has made millions with this website!?

Or perhaps this guy?


Not to mention that after researching other similar scams I found both of their faces plastered all over them with new scam videos which they made $5 doing.

What is 30 Day Change?

This, like many of the other scams out there, is binary options software which does all binary trading for you. You simply invest the minimum amount, though they try and push you to invest more than that the whole time, and then the system takes over and does the trading for you. I noticed with the first few trades that there was a strange lag when the system worked which I think is actually the reason why I rarely saw a win. Not only is it not accurate, but it lags by about a half a minute which means that even the trades you would have probably won you end up losing.

But with a video like this:

Its pretty hard to turn down the idea that it could be real. You feel it in your gut and yet you just wish that it is real and push on in hopes of changing your life.

Binary options have become the next big thing and more and more scam websites like this one are popping up. Many people think that it really could be the easy way out of the 9-5 job, as I did, but in fact, unless you do the trading yourself and know the stock market the likelihood you will lose is pretty big. I have since read up on binary options and it is far more complicated than what they make it out to be. Some people spend their whole lives following options and learning about how the stock market works, a mere investment of $250 and a stupid software are definitely not the fast and easy way to go around it.

The Call from 30 Day Change 

The worst part is that once I lost my $250 I receive a call from them the very next day. I actually didn’t know I lost the money as I had been away from the computer that evening. They took me completely by surprise. When they called the guy seemed very honest and genuine in trying to explain to me that I had accidentally selected some setting wrong and had caused my entire investment to completely crash. He was so genuine in explaining how he had spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out what had gone wrong as their system never fails and that such a loss has never happened before. Of course, I was all ears.

After putting the blame on me he told me that if I invest another $250 he will add another $50 to my investment and set everything up himself so I don’t make any more mistakes with my money. I pulled a little, but he knew I was hooked. He again repeated how he works with another 25 customers of the software and so far all of them have at least quadrupled their investment and I will be right up there with them in no time. I fell for it. I reinvested another $250.

Unlike the first time, they played with me a little. It took about 3 days to lose the money the second time around. I had a few wins which made my heart jump and after that it was all downhill. I lost it all, the whole $500 that I had invested as well as the generous $50 gift from them. As a grown man at the age of 42 I am embarrassed, infuriated, and frustrated with myself for allowing them to not only get me the first time, but the second time around as well.

AVOID 30 Day Change at ALL Costs

Perhaps I really did something and caused my complete failure with this website or perhaps I am like the numerous other people that have complained that they were scammed. I have not received any further calls from 30 Day Change since losing my second investment and I was unable to get in contact with the guy that called me convincing me to double my investment. At this point, I don’t even want to talk to them because even with the information I have and even though I know it’s a SCAM I fear the idea of falling for anything like the 30 Day Change scam again.


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