7 Figure Challenge

I have checked out several different binary options websites in hopes of finding something worth investing with and the 7 Figure Club is FAR from it. I have little experience with binary options but after being burned by a website that claimed to make me a millionaire I decided to go one by one and out them all until I find one that is worth your time and money. I am genuinely disgusted by what I have found so far and by the fact that so many people, just like myself, fall for these scams.


Found at random, this website is no better than the rest. They offer plenty of content but NO real information. Lots of numbers, fake at that, accompanied by fake people, testimonials, and nothing more than marketing with little to back their claims.

What is the 7 Figure Club?

It’s like any other binary options software. You sign up, get the software or log on direct in their website, select from their pre-selected brokers, invest with them the minimal amount, and they lose your money for you through an exclusive and unmatched robot algorithm system. That’s about it. Oh yes, and backed by completely unreliable claims that cannot be traced and confirmed.

So, are you ready to make a million in less than a month?


This is what they claim in their first promotional video. Ready to believe that this guy, Mr. Martin Taylor, who is a spokesman for the 7 Figure Club, will make you a millionaire?


The video consists of a full 28 minute waste of time which has only one benefit, you can fast forward and rewind if you want to hear their complete lies again. Of course, there is a catch. There are only 10 spots for his amazing system, Martin is very generous and wants to make YOU a millionaire. He sounds serious, so serious that he will pay you $10,000 from his own money if you aren’t a millionaire in 27 days. But he won’t have to as his less than carefully picked testimonial actors claim that they have become millionaires with his system, but more on them later.

How EXACTLY will you become a Millionaire with the 7 Figure Club?

Of course, by using this less than amazing and less than effective binary options trading software of course. You have no experience with binary options? No problem as its set up in a few clicks and loses your money on autopilot. It does all of this for free. Simply sign up, go about your day, have a coffee, and then BOOM! $358,900 in your account! Mr. Martin mentioned something of the sort in his amazing video. Sounds so convincing right!?

The Second Step of the Scam!

So, you are convinced and completely wound up by the first video right? Enter your information and here you find out exactly how you will make the money. This is perfectly explained by Martin: you will simply ride the financial coattails of trading binary options! The steps are simple:

  1. Register
  1. Deposit
  1. Get deposit in your account when a guaranteed profitable trade is available

Seriously, if making money was this easy everyone would be at home trading binary options. Unfortunately, it’s not.

This is How it Works

Once you register for your binary options account, sign up with a broker, deposit money, and then if you win you keep the money won from the binary option trade.



Sounded too simple right? Too good to be true? It is.

Once you begin your registration you are notified by Martin that all 10 spots are filled. He told you to hurry but you spent that 28 minutes watching that useless video and now the spots are filled. But, there is always hope right? Martin is your friend and wants to get you in on this deal so he will find you a spot! Seriously, where do they come up with this junk!

Now that you have your foot in the door you have to register with a recommended broker. This is because this system works with specific brokers and you can select one ONLY IF YOU HAVE NEVER WORKED WITH THEM BEFORE. This is because if you have registered with them before Martin will not receive his commission, yup, that’s how he makes his money.

Of course, all of this is explained with reasons such as the software being compatible only with the recommended broker and cannot be used with any other broker except for the recommended broker or else you won’t make money.

So who is this mysterious recommended broker? Well, once you enter your full contact information you are taken to them, TitanTrade. Here it gets interesting. In order to continue with this software and make money you find out on Bee Options page that you have to make a minimum deposit of 250 Euro to activate the 7 Figure Club software.


There is a variety of ways to pay this. I am all for it. The problem is, if you are visiting a binary options page for the first time and are super excited to get started this definitely comes as a surprise. We all know that in order to trade you have to invest, the problem is I think we all want to initially invest as little as possible before we can fully trust a system.

What’s with all the Positive Reviews of 7 Figure Club?

Of course, if you do a search of the 7 Figure Club to see if anyone has become a millionaire you will find dozens of positive reviews. People claiming that it’s a gold mine. Of course they are! They are getting $250 commissions for every person that signs up to the system! Check out this ClickShare post below.



This basically means that anyone that writes an article or is considered an affiliate gets a commission on every sale. How can you tell? Check out the link to the official website from any of these positive reviews. Does it look anything like this:

http://7figureclub.co/?clickID =2001254&aff=enator&c=US&tid=102cabad89db56762f53f5289a6d10&aff_id=100

If so, this is a special affiliate link which reveals to the official website that they are the ones sending this potential customer.

Now Back to the Testimonials!

This is my favorite part simply because it’s so absolutely sad! So, you will see some testimonials in the video of happy “millionaires” with the system. People that have made it big. Here are some stills from the video:





Now, visit Fiverr and look for these same faces. Seriously, do it. Don’t want to waste any more of your time with the 7 Figure Challenge. No problem, done the legwork for you. These testimonials sell for $5 on Fiverr, yup! Take a look!



Really, why would someone that has made millions with this system still make videos for $5??? Very strange. No problem, moving on.

There are serious security measures also taken to ensure that your money is safe with them. Here is an image:


Now, legitimate websites actually link these to the associated websites for confirmation. There are no links, they are simply images. So, you cannot click on them and confirm their registration with them.

Take a closer look below. This image, or list of media which you automatically think are associated with this website or have advertised it right. Well, of course, again, not clickable. You cannot click on the trademarks, no story linked, no announcement, nothing. Just an ornament to make themselves seem more convincing.


Should YOU Sign up for the 7 Figure Challenge?

Hell, jump off a bridge for all I care. I am here just to point out the facts. This is a SCAM. I have not found concrete information from ANYONE that has actually even made a penny from it yet I have found numerous comments and information on how people have lost it ALL. Yes, the 7 Figure Challenge is a SCAM and I have the proof!

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