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I have come to realize that there are numerous websites out there like or similar to Cash Camp. I have reviewed several and am finding new ones every day. The reason I decided to dig deeper into these types of websites wasn’t because I was necessarily looking to invest or join but because I have had friends and family ask me about the time and again and since I work online they automatically thought that I had any idea what it was about. It wasn’t until I saw the first website offering similar software that I actually realized that there are websites like these. Of course, once I reviewed the first one I decided to go on a mission to review them all, or at least all the ones that my family and friends ask me about.
As it turns out there are many, and I mean MANY similar websites. Unfortunately many of them are complete scams that are trying to get their hands on your credit card and contact information. You are then not only spammed with hundreds of pointless and useless emails but you are most likely robbed. With that said, I have heard here and there that some of these websites, very few in fact, are genuine. If you are ready to take the plunge some can give you a nice return, though I doubt you’ll become a millionaire.

What is Cash Camp?

Developed by Michael Solovsky, or at least marketed by him, Cash Camp is a binary option software that allows you to play in the market or simply let their software take care of the playing and as per their claims leave you with the profits.  They say that there is no need to have any technical background or knowledge to actually be able to do this and succeed, you just need a computer with decent internet.

You are greeted with a video and just a tiny bit of information afterwards including a list of media where they have been featured, or it looks that way but I have learned that every single one of these types of websites have this line of media in attempts to make their website look more trustworthy. They claim more than once that you will be able to claim on average $1,192 daily once you sign up. Sounds pretty out of this world right? The question is how much you really have to invest to actually get this kind of return from this website.

They also offer a frequently asked questions section where there are several questions listed with the option to click them and read through the answers. I actually didn’t find any of the answers all too helpful as they are far from specific.

The one question that I really cared about is whether I have to install a program and how much the program will cost once the free trial is over. They claim that no programs will need to be downloaded, though in many of the other reviews that I have found and comments they claim a program in fact does have to be installed. This however, can easily be done safely with a quality anti-virus program. As to my other question, about the price, they do not really answer it. They claim that the system is based on a 100% win win strategy and once you become an official partner you will share 10% of the profits. That sounds great but is there a mandatory initial investment?

The software installation and activation is also very easy and self explanatory. start with by opening an account at binary options brokers and deposit $220 in your account. Than you connect your account with your Software. Please follow given instructions, if you face any problem while installation and activation of software. In the terms and conditions they clearly state that software will have to be installed, so be prepared.

Another thing to remember before continuing on is that regardless how they claim that their system is 100% risk free remember this is a gamble. In all investments, especially such as binary actions, there is always the risk of losing so make sure that you do not spend your last penny investing in this.


How to Use Cash Camp

They claim that their system is super easy. Once you have signed up you are ready to go and start making money. You will have to provide personal information which will then be shared with their partners. That is, with the binary action brokers. You can either opt to play yourself and try your knowledge and your luck in the market or you can leave the system on auto where all actions on your profile will be done by the system.

The system is pretty much self-explained. What I did find out from the other review sites and comments on the system is that you do have to make an initial investment of $220. Once this deposit is done the software is ready to use and if set in auto mode will start working immediately. You will receive signals for each of the actions such as to confirm and apply the trade or simply allow them to do the trading for you.


Cash Camp Features

  • Reputable software that is 100% Risk Free (never trust risk free, especially if their Policy clearly states that it is not risk free)
  • Compatible with every platform
  • Receive numerous benefits after $220 investment
  • Instructions and guide in full detail
  • Free training
  • Private and personal coach for one on one training
  • Professional traders
  • Special software members area

Once you start using Cash Camp the system will begin to notify you when and what to trade. These “signals” will come from the same source that some of the leading traders on Wall Street use which means you are getting professional advice that is profitable. You won’t need any professional or technical knowledge of binary trading to succeed and are not required to create a personal website or promote yourself in any way. All research will be done by their system so you always get the best deals on the market, simply follow the provided guidelines and utilize the power of their software.

If you feel that you cannot trust yourself in actually taking action you can choose their “automated mode” which will do all of the trading for you. You will get free binary signals which are signals telling you what to buy and what to sell on the Binary market to ensure you get a 100% profit. Of course, they claim that this is guaranteed but remember, it’s still a gamble and there is always a chance to lose. The only thing you actually do have to do is to hit the “sell” or “buy” button when you receive the prompt from the software.

How do you Earn Money with Cash Camp?

  • The first step is to provide you name and email address
  • Fill in full name, email, password, and phone number
  • Follow the guidelines from that point on and start earning
  • Once you are all set up your software will begin the search for binary signals. You will then be alerted once a profitable binary signal is available.
  • Once you receive these signals you will have to buy and sell in forex trading.

Though they claim 100% success the truth is that their signal works at 81.93% success rate, while I have read that many have experienced as low as 80% which I think would still be quite profitable depending on your investment.


What are Binary Options?

Well, if you are just now considering a system like this and have never really had any experience then you may not know what Binary Options are. I sure had no idea before I started researching it. They are different from the standard options most people are at least mildly familiar with. They are just much simpler when it comes to trading price fluctuations. They are available on a number of global markets which means you have access to numerous options from around the world.

The good thing about binary options is that the potential return you will get if you win is actually known well before the purchase is made. These options can be bought on just about any product and can be pulled in both directions of trade by either buying a “Up”/”Call” or a “Put”/”Down” option. Their other difference is that they are offered against a fixed specific expiry time.

In consequence of several success stories in trading stocks, binary options are expected to be the next financial area that brings out incredible benefits to traders.

With that said there have been numerous success stories in trading stocks which claim that binary options are expected to be the next financial area that is going to bring out an incredible benefit for numerous traders. They are estimates of underlying assets performance during a specifically given time. The Binary Options Trading System is the method that traders use in order to help them predict the movement of the numerous assets on the market much better. If used properly this system helps traders improve their results and in turn help them make more money. This sort of system is used by large corporations as it has set algorithms but the input of individual traders is also very important for successful trading as they have set rules.

There is an option of either 0 or 1 which is a simple and quick method of trading as it gives the trader only these two options. When the trader invests a certain amount of money they decide whether they think the specific asset’s price is going to rise or fall during the timeframe which is predetermined. If the trader has selected the correct result they immediately receive not only the amount they have but their earned profit as well. If the trader turns out to be wrong though they lose their invested amount. What a binary option trading platform such as the one that this website offers you are provided with the full information about the maximum profit as well as loss amounts for each trade prior to making a decision. You are also provided with expiration for each. This makes the process much easier even for those that have no experience.

One of the easiest ways to trade is with Binary Options. Through binary options the trader is able to get higher returns in shorter timeframes which means that they are quickly growing in popularity among traders around the world. This also makes them very popular even with those that are unfamiliar with trading or buying options as they are very simple.

In Conclusion…

Now, is Cash Camp to be trusted? In general from what I have found their system really is as simple as they claim and they really have helped many gain profit. I have not read about anyone really becoming a millionaire from it but if you set a specific amount of money which you want to invest and see a result I see nothing wrong with it. I highly doubt their success rate is as high as they claim and perhaps if they are a bit more honest in their website, provide more real information, and really show people that they are trustworthy they will have much better results.

The product and service they are offering is not fake, it is there and it does work. You DO have to invest money and I am not talking about $10-20 but more in the $200-$500 I would think, and perhaps reinvest to keep making money but if it works I see no reason not to try it.

There is plenty competition online with numerous other websites offering a similar system but I have found that Cash Camp has far more positive reviews and commentary, not to mention far less negative as there will always be negative. I think that if you set only a specific amount of money which you are willing to invest and don’t budge until you see results I think that it could bring a profit, but remember, this is an investment and with every investment there is always the chance of losing.




5 thoughts on “cash camp

  1. rk
    December 24, 2015 at 11:29 am

    honestly i earn from cash camp but the system little complex it needs skill

  2. Billy
    December 27, 2015 at 11:29 pm

    I read reviews many people complaining about Cash camp that it is scam. Actually they have no idea how to earn from this system. It requires Patience and right time

  3. Annoyl
    December 29, 2015 at 11:47 pm

    The best system i had ever come across. The team are supportive, honest and reliable

  4. jof
    February 5, 2016 at 2:48 am

    I tried to register so many times, but the site said that my “email already exist”. I cleared my cookies so the one suggests, but to no avail. I used my second email account, but the same error occurred. I do not get it. Is that mean I am not eligible to join or register? Or is there something wrong with the server or system? I also emailed the customer support last week, but until now I got no response. I know probably some of you will say otherwise, but not until I register, trade online and start making a profit, it is hard for me to believe it is real.

  5. Dominic
    March 15, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    If one selects Automated Trade,at what stage does one get involved in choosing the asset to put money on?

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