I have come upon yet another new brain supplement, Cogniflex. This one actually seems a lot more promising than the ones that I have reviewed thus far but it is still not without its flaws. I am impressed to find that it does have an original formula of ingredients but still uses the same marketing schemes regarding sales lines, crazy numbers without any real backing, lack of links to studies to prove its effectiveness, and plenty of mixed reviews.

However, I have been reviewing brain supplements for quite some time now in hopes of finding the one which I can without a doubt recommend to anyone that may be in need of one, and so far this one, considering its ingredients, seems most promising.


About Cogniflex

So, this incredible supplement caught my attention right off the bat as the “Viagra for the Brain” which I found humorous and just had to continue reading. They definitely got the attention grabber down. Unfortunately they quickly jump pack to “eh” with a wild claim that it can improve your concentration by 312% which is not backed by any study or link provided. Though most of their promised benefits like boosting overall memory, energy, and concentration seem quite reasonable I am quite sure that there is nothing out there that can improve your IQ, especially by 77%.

Just like the numerous other supplements out there for improving cognitive functions Cogniflex consists of a formula of nootropics which are also known as “smart supplements”. They claim that the compounds in the supplement have been proven to be key for maintaining healthy neurotransmitters and each has been chosen especially for its effectiveness and safety.


How Cogniflex Works

Well, they go into it here and there and the information is pretty thrown about. Overall, the goal is to put the nootropics found in the supplement to work in order to improve the way your brain functions, reverse age-related cognitive problems, and improve your concentration. Though they don’t provide an actual list of ingredients they do give all of the ingredients found in the supplement, or at least as far as I could confirm, throughout the website. The first ingredient provided was Phosphatidylserine which they claim has been featured not only in Pharmaceutical Research Magazine but also Total health Magazine for its numerous benefits including improving cognitive performance. Unfortunately, there are no links provided to actually back any of these claims.

The other ingredient provided is the all-time popular Omega 3 which is known to improve anxiety and boost positivity. Again, they claim there were peer to peer studies proving this but no links about this or its neuroprotective qualities were provided for confirmation. Phosphatidylcholine is the third ingredient provided. It is claimed to metabolize acetylcholine also known as the “learning” neurotransmitter. Lastly, one ingredient that I have met regularly in similar supplements, Bacopa Monnieri, well known for its ability to enhance cognition, its anti-oxidant benefits, and increased cerebral blood flow and regulation of serotonin release. This one ingredient I have researched in depth and though it does have promising studies it is not 100% confirmed for all of these benefits.

In all honesty, the ingredients really are beneficial and really do prove to be promising. They mention numerous studies in the website though, list magazines in which the ingredients were featured, and make numerous claims which they could have easily backed with links which would have made their product a lot more sellable. Do note that all natural ingredients have a possibility of side effects, even if they are mild ones, as it all depends on how your body adapts to them.

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Why Take Cogniflex

Well, there are plenty of benefits for taking such a supplement. It will help you perform much better especially if you feel your brain is under a lot of stress and has been overworked. One of their main claims is that the supplement has been developed in an FDA Licensed Lab which you need to understand does not mean that the supplement is FDA approved as it is not a drug. This is because ingredients are 100% natural and regardless how promising they are there is no guarantee that they really are effective and that they will not pose any possible side effects. With that said they offer a list of benefits which, if backed and really true, would make this supplement an amazing find.

  • Helps you concentrate and focus on information and tasks
  • Helps you process information and learn faster
  • Protects the way your brain so it functions correctly and consistently
  • Helps combat age-related memory problems
  • Aids in the neutralization of negative effects from oxidative stress
  • Ensures a healthy blood flow and oxidation of the brain

As mentioned, these are great benefits, and I am sure there are plenty more which the ingredients are currently being studied for but it’s essential to remember that when it comes to natural supplements there is no guarantee that they will be effective for everyone. Just like there is a possibility some to experience some side effects, though most likely mild, there is also the possibility for the ingredients to take longer to work or even to not have any effect on some individuals.

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How to Buy Cogniflex

The key thing that I noticed with their terms and conditions, which I recommend you ALWAYS read when buying anything online, is that they make sure to underline the fact that there is NO AUTO-SHIP PROGRAM, which means that once you provide your credit card to make a purchase in order to get another month’s supply or to replenish your supply you must re-order. They do not sign you up for some sort of membership program without your knowledge, there are no shady “free” trials, and purchasing is straightforward.

  • 5 Bottles – $149.95 + FREE Shipping
  • 3 Bottles – $97.42 + FREE Shipping
  • 1 Month Supply – $39.95 + $9.95 Shipping and Handling

Last week I ordered a one moth supply considering that the price for the supplement is actually much lower than the many I have reviewed so far. Only a few do I dare to actually try, and this is one of them. I have been taking it for about a week so far and can say that my energy levels are up but I still don’t feel my IQ being any higher. I will take it for one full month and perhaps re-order if I am happy. One thing is for sure, once I have completed my one month trial of Cogniflex I will add onto this review with my full experience.

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2 thoughts on “Cogniflex

  1. Allyson Sullivan
    March 3, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    Just received my order today and will see if this does what it says it will..hopefully it will help my ADD and stress level of being a full-time caregiver. My energy levels are not going well. So I really hope that this will make a difference. I have always taken natural supplements and herbal remedies. Plus I am also a Vegetarian.

  2. Brad
    March 5, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    Good day Allyson,

    I started taking Cogniflex yesterday. I noticed right away (within about the first hour) that I had more energy. I also noticed an increase in concentration. I tested this by performing some online education topics and noticed an increase in concentration. I was able to glide through the topics, the quizzes and tests were much easier to master. I have self diagnosed ADD and found concentrating on the subject improved with little to no distractions. I also found that my outlook changed, I felt less stress and the “little things” were not an issue. My stress levels have been at an all time high for the past two months with working over 70 hours per week in a fast paced environment. I feel as thought my “attitude” is much improved.
    I went to bed at about 10:00 pm last night and needed to get up at 04:30 am this morning for work. I woke up at 02:00 am and was unable to go back to sleep. It is 12:30 pm now and I still feel great and focused. I am not sure I am a fan of waking up at 02:00 am, but I took advantage of this time in the morning to get some school work done.

    I hope this reply is helpful to you. Good luck with this product.

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