COGNIZERA Review: The Ultimate Smart Pill or Another Scam?

If you are looking to get smarter there are currently more supplements like COGNIZERA than I can actually count. It seems that every day a new supplement is offered on the market and the more they become popular the more scams there are. Finding one that actually works is becoming harder and harder, not to mention finding a product that is sold from a legitimate company that is not looking to just rob you of your money.

I found this supplement while browsing the latest products on the market. It actually doesn’t differ much from the numerous other products available, and generally, most of them don’t really differ much from one another. I have learned that there are no more than about 4-5 different product types. They consist of more or less the same ingredients and the only thing that is different is the price and the name.



The official website actually looks much fresher than many others I have visited. Though there are some re-used images it does seem to be different. Unfortunately, that’s more or less it. The website consists of very little actual information and aside from learning the benefits and grand possibilities of this product you got very little more.

They market this product as the “Viagra for the brain”. This I found to be a little humorous and slightly off beat but definitely not a deal breaker. They claim that it offers intense focus which helps you get maximum mental absorption. Also, you will enjoy ultimate mental clarity through enhancement of the neurotransmitters. Your cognitive precision will allow you to store new information more effectively and the effective nootropic has been proven through studies to really work.


What to Expect with COGNIZERA

Overall, you will be more efficient, faster, smarter, and more concentrated. Utilizing nootropics also known as the “smart supplements” to achieve this, the product ensures effectiveness. Just like the rest of the body the brain needs to be well taken care of to work properly. By getting an adequate supply of the all-important neuroprotectants which are essential for guarding gray matter and maintaining neurotransmitters working correctly you will be able to maintain robust cognition. The supplement is rich in compounds which have been proven to act as the essential building blocks for well maintained and healthy neurotransmitters.

With age you may experience:

  • Reduced Learning Speed – learning speed will drop gradually as you age and information as well as new skills will take longer to learn and be stored in the brain.
  • More Mental Effort – you will have to put forth more effort to pay closer attention and focus to the task at hand as you age.
  • Reduced Memory Recall – both short and long term memory recall will begin to slip and gradually details will become hazier and your brain will require more effort to remember specific information.
  • Difficulty Managing Anxiety – when your neurological health begins to wind down this is reflected on your mood and the ability to stay balanced emotionally and overall mental wellness.

What is in COGNIZERA

Well, unfortunately the official website offers absolutely no information as to what is in the product except for mentioning 100% pure Phosphatidylserine Complex. This is the only ingredient mentioned throughout the whole website. They don’t mention if it’s an animal product or plant but either way there have been plenty of studies showing that it really is actually effective.

This ingredient has actually been studied in depth to confirm that it is effective in improving mental decline for those of age. It has shown great results in improving language skills, memory, and attention in aged individuals with signs of declining thinking skills. It is also commonly used to treat Alzheimer’s disease as well as a number of other benefits which are currently being studied. Some of which are improvement of depression in elderly, reduction of stress brought on from exercising allowing for less muscle soreness, improvement of the ability to think in general, suitable for ADHD, and more. There are two possible side effects but this is in higher doses. They are insomnia and stomach upset. Perhaps with a supplement facts sheet we would have been able to confirm the amount of this ingredient in the product. With that said, it is safe and poses no serious dangers or side effects.

How to take COGNIZERA

Taking this product is actually quite simple, as it is with all supplements in general. They recommend you take it 1-2 times a day and make sure you don’t take it too close to bedtime as it boosts both physical and mental energy causing insomnia. It is recommended you take it when you wake up with your breakfast and sometime in the afternoon, perhaps with lunch. Though they do recommend you take the supplement during those times it is noted that you may take it with or without food. The most important thing for your mental and physical health is to drink plenty of water.


While I visited the website the purchase page was down but I did find everything I need to complete my review in the Terms and Conditions. You have 3 packages available:

  • 1 Bottle – $59.95
  • 3 Bottles – $119.95
  • 5 Bottles – $149.95

Do not count on the return policy as they clearly state that it is for damaged or defective products. They advertise their wild risk free trial for 60 days but in reality no such thing really exists. This is nothing new and so far I have yet to find a company that sells supplements that does not have a loophole left in the terms and conditions to allow them to get out of any return policies. The good thing is that there are no memberships and whatever you decide to purchase that’s it. You do not get a new one for you at your doorstep a month later with a nice bill accompanying it.

I think that regardless of the lack of information on the official COGNIZERA website this supplement could be effective even with just that one listed ingredient. 

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