Dow Jones Focus Group Scam

Here we go again, another binary options software, but this one is through the Dow Jones Focus Group and is called the Equinox Trading Software. It actually sounds interesting but still plenty of shady marketing surrounding it for me to trust 100%. Currently offered as a focus group, following the initial Focus Group in 2014 which they claim was a success, the website continues to make a number of other interesting claims.

Still, regardless how great it sounds, it is a binary options trading system. This means there is a minimum deposit, and there is also always a chance of losing your investment. Regardless of the percent they claim, you are taking a risk.

What is the Dow Jones Focus Group?

Anyone that becomes a member of this year’s Dow Jones Focus Group will have full access to the Equinox software for free. Mind you, this doesn’t mean you do not make an initial investment. They claim that this has been a well-guarded secret for over 10 years except for in 2014 when they had another focus group for 45 days. The speaker in the videos is Mr. Jeffrey Richards who claims to be a well-known marketing expert (though I have first heard of him here) and claims to have had key roles in various focus groups in various famous products and services, as well as in entertainment. He has been hired by the Equinox Software developers due to his expertise and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.


By joining the 2015 focus group you will gain access not only to the software but to extra information provided by the software by means of 24/7 support from professional brokers and traders. You will have 90 days to create a financial system for yourself through the software and have a potential of earning $20,000 or more during the focus group.

When the focus group is complete you will be given a questionnaire about your experience and your access to the Equinox software will be stopped. So basically, this is only a limited time option and you will not be able to continue trading with the software once the focus group is over as it is not available to the public just yet. The idea of the focus group is to test the system, evaluate its ability in making a high number of ITM trades, and in turn, helping people earn a bit of money online in the meantime.

Now, do I really believe this? Honestly, I am having a hard time as it all looks like any other binary options software program, only, with a twist. Is it really possible to make that much money from it? Not sure honestly.

What is the Equinox Trading Software?

There really aren’t any major differences between this and other trading software I have come by. It’s more or less the same setup and just scanning over the official website of the Dow Jones Focus Group which leads you to the software is like déjà vu, identical to all the other websites I have visited, only this one’s focal point is that it’s masked as a focus group.

Dow Jones Focus Group Equinox Software Advantages

I have read into a number of third part websites to see if I can find some genuine reviews or even comments. Unfortunately, the internet is overflowing with paid feedback that it’s hard to find anything real. I did find several people from the previous focus group and some of them gave pretty decent feedback. They didn’t become millionaires, but this system does not promise that anyway. They did earn some money, not a LOT, but enough to be happy. Also, Jeffrey Richards claims to have tried it and said that he is very happy with the software, but who believes him? He is paid to do this isn’t he?

In general, the idea is to help you give you a financial start for a more secure future. It is not a long-term commitment, and you decide how much you want to invest. The question is: How much do you invest and how much can you afford to lose? You should always ask it in this way as losing is a big part of trading binary options.

I did find some of the legitimate and trustworthy (so far at least) 3rd party websites that review binary options software to have also written quite positive reviews of this system. I was surprised to find that many did not claim it to be a scam and have shown positive numbers during their tests. You can either trade manually or by using their equinox automated robot that does the trading for you. This makes the system suitable for anyone regardless of their experience. They claim that over the past 10 years and during the last focus group they never went below 79% win rate which is quite impressive if it’s true.

In the focus group the Equinox trading software will be used which was initially developed in order to boost the number of winning trades on the Dow Jones. By increasing winning trades and attracting more participants to trade on a daily basis the Stock Market gets more stable thus boosting national economy which is also an interesting benefit of the software.

All of this is claimed by the official website, but is it really true? From my experience this sort of information is highly exaggerated in order to lure more people. Though that doesn’t necessarily make it a scam, I do want to make sure you do not have very high expectations and be ready to be happy even with small wins in the beginning.

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Disadvantages of the Dow Jones Focus Group?

Aside from it being a binary options software? Well, there are several things that stick out. First, their marketing is way off. Though they are not as aggressive as the numerous other websites I have reviewed in the past, they still try to make claims that are not 100% guaranteed, yet they try and make it look as if it’s guaranteed. They do try and note that profit may vary depending on deposit amount and amount of trading, but everything else that they say in the website and the videos screams the opposite.

In general, I have found that many of these websites seem shady mainly because they are simply not honest. Yes, there is a lot of competition, but why do like the competition and lie when you can simply state the truth. Don’t try and sell them the software but present them with the facts. The website has numerous problems including unclickable “certificate” images that cannot be confirmed, shady and obviously fake testimonials (surely if you search the image you will find it sold in some stock photo website), and in general the whole setup with the video that cannot be manipulated in any way except be paused. These are all worn out tactics by the hundreds of other similar websites out there. This is the only thing that drives me nuts with this website, aside from that, seems quite legit considering the numerous reviews (honest ones) that I have read.

In Conclusion…If you have $200 why not?

Of course, as with all others they press you with time. The difference is that considering that the focus group is for 90 days there is no start or end date. There is no information about time at all, only that you should sign up now while there are still available spots. I think that the Dow Jones Focus Group may give you an opportunity to work with a possibly effective binary options trading software, but remember, do not invest money you are not ready to lose as it is always a gamble with the stock market.

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