Expert Lift IQ Review: Another Scam or the Real Deal? 

The Expert Lift IQ anti-aging cream is yet another product on the market targeting women looking to feel and look younger again. There are so many of these products today that finding one that really delivers and doesn’t just rob you blind is hard. I have reviewed dozens of different anti-aging products and for the most part the one main issue is not necessarily the quality of the product but rather the company that is selling it.

Being able to spot signs of a scam is important, and being able to determine if a product is quality requires research. Whenever considering a product always do in depth research and never rely entirely on the official website selling it.

What is Expert Lift IQ?

This is an anti-aging serum that is claimed to help decrease the depth of your wrinkles by 29% in just 30 days. Also, they claim that it will be able to increase the collagen IV synthesis in just 15 days. In addition you will experience a max value decrease in furrow depth by 32%. Overall, it’s a product with plenty of claimed percentages without anything to actually back them. Though this is frustrating, it is actually one of the most common problems in websites selling such products.

The product is claimed to have a combination of ingredients which includes peptides. They are essential for helping with the elimination of wrinkles as they aid in the production of collagen thus giving you firmer and plumper skin. They discuss clinical studies of the ingredients in their product which show that there is actually immediate lifting power and great results if you apply twice daily for 29 days. Unfortunately, no link. Still, 28 days is actually very true if the ingredients really are that effective as it takes 28 days for your skin to renew, which is why anything claiming that you will have younger looking skin before that most likely won’t work at all.

They list only one ingredient and that is Polymoist-PS which is a face firming peptide. There is proof of it being able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and as it is derived from nature directly it is considered safe. They claim that it is clinically proven to work on a cellular level to reduce the signs of aging. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find reliable information to actually prove these claims, though I can confirm that it is widely used in numerous anti-aging creams successfully.

Behind Expert Lift IQ

The official website claims that this is among the only skincare line worldwide that uses this specific proprietary age-defying blend of ingredients that include enzymes and marine botanicals. Though it is absolutely true that dermatologists recommend using an anti-aging cream once you pass the age of 30 the question is which one.

This specific product is advertised to offer the same if not similar results to botulinum toxin injections but without the painful injections. It is in the form of an easy to apply liquid that ensures that your skin gets the necessary peptides and natural ingredients which ensure facial tension is release and the skin is well nourished.

How to Buy Expert Lift IQ

So, to buy this product you have to go through the official website. Something I find to be essential because if you have decided on a product I never trust 3rd party websites. With that said, it is unfortunate that it is available only through their trial offer. The trial is for £3.95 which is actually a great deal but it isn’t until you read below the image I have posted above that you find out the exact terms of this offer. You have 18 days from the day you order (calendar NOT business) to try the product. During this time you have to make up your mind if you like it and if you are not satisfied you must cancel by calling 0845 528 1257. If you do not call and cancel, and follow the given instructions to return the remainder of the product, you will be charged the full price of £69.99. After that, every month you will receive a new 30 day supply of the product and will be charged £69.99 + shipping and handling. If you are happy with the product, do nothing and continue receiving it every month until you cancel.

This is actually one of the reasons many people think that this could be a scam website, along with the numerous other similar websites that have this sort of trial offer. Unfortunately, the problem only arises when you do not read the terms and conditions in full. If you are aware of the terms and know what to expect there is no way that you can get scammed.

What others are Saying about Expert Lift IQ

There are numerous reviews out there. Some claiming that it’s the Holy Grail of beauty products while others are claim that it’s a scam and not worth the money. For the most part, I have noticed that more than 90% of reviews are paid and have nothing to do with the product itself. I have dug deep in forums and various beauty websites that I trust 100% and found some honest reviews of the product.

Again, some were not happy with the results while others claimed that it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them. One of the reasons they were not happy is because the official website pushes marketing to such an extent that they give much higher expectations of their product when in reality, it is effective, but it takes more than 30 days to really give you the results you seek. You will START seeing results in 30 days but trust me, you will not look 10 years younger with only one month application, or at least that is what I gather from the reviews. It has taken your skin years to get to this point, and I think a couple of months until you can get lasting results is pretty reasonable.

I think that Expert Lift IQ could be an effective product that you may want to try if the final price suits you and if you are aware of the terms and conditions.

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