Fast Cash Biz Review: If it Sounds too Good to be True…then IT IS!

From the moment you visit the Fast Cash Biz website you are bombarded with sales pitches. If their system was so impressive and effective why would they try to sell it to you every step of the way. If it really works they would be bombarded and would not have to put together this marketing video to try and sell their scam.


I am a stay at home mom. You can imagine that the moment that I get some free time I am always looking for ways to make some money online. Though my husband does make decent money to support the family, with 2 little ones and a teenager it’s nearly impossible to keep up. So what I do is try and find different ways to make some extra money online while the kids are sleeping in the afternoon or in the evening. The reason I started doing reviews of websites like these is because more and more I see people falling for them. I read the forums and see how people lose money that they have worked so hard for in hopes to become the millionaires that this system claims they will become. So, when I find some sort of work online the first thing I ask myself is if it sounds too good to be true. The moment I feel that they are selling me the job or a new lifestyle I run.

What is the Fast Cash Biz System?

Well, starting with what they claim it is. The two wonderfully giddy and super satisfied with their life due make it seem as if this is an investment-free 100% guaranteed way to become a millionaire almost overnight. From walks on the beach to car rides in their luxurious white Bentley and flights on their private jet to their vacation home in Colorado, the whole video is painting a picture of the dream life of every individual.


What they do not show until the very last step of the registration process is that it really is not free. The system which he has developed is free (honestly, I don’t believe he has developed it, I know developers and he is definitely not one) but you have to invest a minimum of $250 in order to start. Why is this? Well, this website deals with binary options. Basically, it takes your money and plays with it in the stock market through binary options and you stand aside and cross your fingers that it doesn’t lose the money overnight. It’s as simple as that.

Here is one of the several videos:

You can obviously tell they are actors reading script and their over-enthusiasm can easily lure you until you realize you are being scammed. Then its clear as day.

They claim that their system does the trading for you and you don’t need to know anything about binary options or the stock market. If you ask me, and quite frankly, anyone involved in the stock market, an algorithm will never be able to calculate the way the market fluctuates as it is controlled by people and tendencies. It may be able to predict more or less the outcome, but there is no guarantee that it will be accurate 99% of the time as the website claims.

Why is Fast Cash Biz a SCAM?

So I did some research and found out different ways to pinpoint a scam website. Obviously, information that would have saved me a lot of money.

The first sign that the website is a scam is the fact that it has no information except for a shady video with very happy and satisfied actors. You can actually look up many of the actors in the videos on this website in Fiverr and find them offering their services to do videos such as these.

The second sign is that push to buy. Somewhere, very visible, is a sign or a note that you have landed on this page just in time. You have this one-time opportunity for a limited time only and that there is an X amount of spaces left to become a millionaire. Since I have first visited the website, and the numerous times since while trying to figure out if I had invested my money wrongly at the top right is the exact same thing:

LICENSES LEFTLAST CHECK:Jan 04, 2016 – 01:04:10


Not shady at all.

You are constantly reminded that there is only limited space and time:

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Of course, in the videos they drive the expensive cars, travel in their private jet, and arrive in their beautiful mansion all made possible with this amazing system. Right.

You are literarily taken from video to video. Each video the actors tell you how fantastic the system is and how they have become millionaires with it. In one of the videos they show you their bank accounts and how much money is in them.


Obviously, this is done so they can show you how honest they are, but in fact, this does the exact opposite. Pages like these can easily be manipulated to show anything they want, including excessive amounts in bank accounts.

They mention nothing about what is behind the system, they just try and sell you a dream that we all have. To be rich.

They take it so far as to actually try and confirm that you will get filthy rich in their FAQ:


REMEMBER THIS. NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE 100% SUCCESS IN BINARY OPTIONS. NO ONE! Obviously, I learned this a bit late but its not late for you. Binary options are a risk. There is no one out there that can say you will be successful with their system because there is no way to predict the market 100%.

It is required by law that they have a disclaimer actually telling the truth. This disclaimer is available at the very bottom of the page. If you read it carefully you will find this very important information:


I have read that many of the actors used in websites like these are used regularly from website to website. I have tried to dig up some of these actors in other website with little success, but I am certain that they are there. Many of them are obviously reading a script and the whole thing seems fishy. In their website they say that on average you will make $10,000 per day yet their disclaimer they clearly state that the results do not represent an indication of future success. If their system really works they will be honest and upfront in hopes of earning our trust rather than luring us with lies and empty promises.

In Conclusion

Yes, Fast Cash Biz is a scam and I can confirm this firsthand as I lost every penny I invested faster than I could have spent it.


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