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Scams like the Gold Digger Software are many but few really go to such extent to convince you that they are nothing like the rest. I have to admit that while I was looking over the website I was quite impressed with the information provided and how well organized the website was. Usually websites like these don’t really provide all that much information. Actually, they simply stick to video material and if you have the patience to actually watch the full thing that’s the only way to find out what the website is about. They count on this and hope that you will just enter your information to get more information, onto the next step you provide more of your personal information, up until you are fully registered and they ask for your deposit.

I have tried trading and have had some success in the past. Since then I have steered clear not because it’s not a means to really get great gains, but simply because I got tired of constantly being on the lookout for some system that works. I had lost so much money at one point that I simply decided that until I find a system that is really effective I will not trade again. This is how my search began.

What is the Gold Digger Software

Honestly, it is no different from the rest. Regardless how they market themselves they are nothing more than a system with an algorithm that works with brokers and gets their money through referrals. As with the rest of the websites they have a self marketing video which to an extent explains how their system works but really leaves most to your imagination as you have to actually research it to really understand what they are talking about. Unlike other websites you can read exactly what he says in the video just below it which helps a lot when it comes to trying to figure out how to reverse the video and go back to try and figure out what he said as he talks very fast throughout the video.

There is a LOT of information, so much so that you don’t bother reading it. There needs to be a golden balance otherwise you do not inform visitors to the website. Just like with the websites that offer nothing more than a few videos as information, this website provides you with so much information that you don’t bother really finding out what the product they are offering is. Not to mention that they basically say the same thing over and over again about 5 times in different ways just to fill the page.

So, what is it? This is a 7-module super software which, as per the official website, spreads the risk of trading. It’s not fully Forex, it’s not necessarily binary options, and it’s not only Bitcoin. It’s a combination and trades in 7 different trades: gold, silver, palladium, copper, oil, coffee, and Bitcoin.

What Others are Saying about the Gold Digger Software

No way to really know if a system is effective just by their marketing video. Never trust the marketing video. The best way to go about finding out if you should waste your money is by turning to the forums, reviews, and comments. I have found several legitimate forums that focus only on genuine comments shared by real people that experiment with different trade system software. Though I found very little about this particular system I did manage to get a bit of information.

As it turns out, and as I will share a little later, this is one very expensive system. Comments I have found were quite disturbing. Most people purchased the minimum at the amount of $999, which is a lot of money unless you are already rich. Only 2 people of the 7 which I had found actually had success with this system. The rest actually complained not only of a system that seems to work only for some and fail completely for others, but of customer service that completely disappears once the system begins to fail.

The software is developed well but is far from being perfected in order to really give you the success that they claim. Unfortunately, for the most part people have lost their investment and only 1 person actually made a small profit. The other one person that I saw that did not lose their money had actually pulled out of the system once they struggled to make their initial investment back.

Overall, it’s a system that fails. It’s marketing that lies, and it’s generally yet another software that has too much hype and very little result.

How much is the Gold Digger Software?

This is where they completely lost me. They have really taken things to another level with the price and investment with this software. I do admit that it is completely out of my ballpark, though I think that if it did prove to be effective I would have found a way to get involved.

Here are the packages they have available:

  • Basic – Includes: Gold, Silver, & Oil – $999 Total – 3 Payments of $349
  • Deluxe – Includes: Basic packages + Copper and Coffee Trade Pairs – $1,599 Total – 3 Payments of $569
  • Premium – Includes: Basic & Deluxe + Palladium, Copper, Coffee, and Bitcoin – $1,999 Total – 6 Payments of $369
  • Ultimate – Includes: All 7 and all pairs, full 24/7 support, and direct programmers connection, yearly performance meeting for 5 years – $4,999 Total – 6 Payments of $900

I mean, seriously. And then they say you get the amazing bonus of a seminar included with these prices with free stay in top hotel in Austria and free tours. Considering the amount of money they are asking people to trust them with they better do much more than that.

Is Gold Digger Software a Scam?

Judging not only by the fact that the website itself smells very fishy but also by real personal accounts from people that have shared their experience in forums; I think that the Gold Digger Software can be confirmed as being a complete scam.


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  1. John
    January 17, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    Thank you a lot for this review. You just saved me from doing a deposit to Gold Digger.

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