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The Guaranteed Payouts website and system is yet another horrible scam that does nothing more than rob you of your hard earned money. They claim that you will earn money, guaranteed, but fail to note that in fact, binary options, regardless of their system, have no guarantee in profit. With that said, when you add the fact that their website has all the signs of a complete scam, I wouldn’t even expect you will be able to get past the first 24 hours without losing all of your investment.

As with all the other scams out there, they make empty promises, use fake bank accounts that are easily manipulated in order to make it look as if they have millions of dollars in them, and of course, cheap and horrible actors. Absolutely nothing they say in this website can be guaranteed.

What is the Guarantee Payout SCAM?

Their empty promises of earning $10,000 or more every single week are complete lies and just another way to get you to jump into action and sign up immediately. They make claims that it is completely free and how you will be a millionaire, but fail to note that regardless, you WILL have to make a deposit of a minimum of $250, and will be pushed to add more to that before you actually start quickly losing it.

I have seen it time and again, and what is most unfortunate is that they are not even creative anymore. Every single binary options scam I have seen so far follows the exact same scheme. A video which plays automatically that cannot be controlled in any way except for being paused, a simple video which I can do on my computer in 15 minutes of a guy talking about how you will be a millionaire and plenty of lies and flashy cars and houses that you will own. They show nothing of use or of real backing to prove that you will be able to make any profit at all.

They use the word guaranteed loosely throughout the video. One thing that I have learned while reviewing scams online is that the moment they note something is guaranteed it means you should not only walk away, you should RUN. If you learn anything from this review, then it should be that NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE PROFITS FROM BINARY OPTIONS. It’s basically playing on the stock market, don’t you think that if there really is a guaranteed way to win that it would be the end of the stock market altogether? There is absolutely no way, regardless what kind of algorithm they come up with, that they can get anything more than a 50% chance of winning.

Still, regardless, they try and push the fact that their system is guaranteed and that, in addition to not requiring any experience, their system ensures you will be 91.4% successful in winning. The video is definitely very convincing, especially if this is the first time you have landed on a similar page.

The developer of this system, Victor Langley, continues to discuss and share “secret” information which somehow you have discovered. He even goes as far as showing you his bank account and disclosing how much money he has in it and the latest transactions. This could easily lead many people on, leaving them convinced that this system works. Little do they know that this is so easily manipulated that it’s nothing more than empty words and images of imaginary accounts. Surely, if he was such a millionaire he wouldn’t have made such a cheap website and used even cheaper actors for it.


What really frustrates me with these systems is the fact that the people seeking them are people already having a hard time with money. So, what happens when they access this “free” system? They are required to deposit a certain amount of money, a minimum of $250 to be exact. This means that this is automatically lost money. To add to this, by the time you actually start the system you will be pushed and harassed into depositing more, and most people actually fall for it and do it. In the end, in hopes of finally finding financial stability, they find themselves worse off than when they started.

They keep repeating to themselves how this really is too good to be true. Someone out there really has a heart and wants to help people like them get rich as well. The continuous repetition of how all of this is free and how they will be filthy rich gets the better of people and as we are greedy by nature fall for these types of scams over and over again.

Who is Victor Langley and his Collection of Testimonials

You will also discover that if you do a quick search on Victor Langley, the creator and the person talking in the video, you’ll discover that he is nowhere to be found except for these websites. There are numerous people with this name but you will not find him connected with any international company which he boasts about and there is no information about this amazing overnight millionaire. Considering the amount of money he has made with binary options and how quickly he has made it surely there would be some sort of information about him…but none can be found.


Of course, then we get to the good stuff. The great reviews and testimonials both on the website as well as in 3rd party websites.  Not sure if you actually watched the video that far, but there are 4 reviews of the system by three individuals. Today it is very profitable, regardless that its only $5 per short video, to do fake product/service reviews online. You can actually find numerous people selling their soul so as to scam others about how they have become millionaires yet you see them right back on Fiverr asking $5 to do the next scam video.


All of this is not complete without pushing you for time. There are only 90 spots available and most are already taken! Wow! How original! At least they didn’t put a timer on there as most other similar websites do, but considering how much their website lacks in quality and overall development, I am sure they were simply too lazy to put it in there. Regardless, I can guarantee that if the website is still up in a month (which I highly doubt it as they would have taken as much money as possible and

disappeared by then) and you watch the video again, it will continue to say the EXACT SAME THING.


Third Party FAKE Reviews of the Guarantee Payout System

With that said, surely if you reached my review you’ve seen plenty other reviews as well, most of them positive. They even share some of these positive reviews at the bottom of the homepage in the form of certificates:

These certificates lead to review websites which have been known to sell reviews for scam websites in order to earn money and bring them new customers. If you read the comments in these reviews, you will notice that for the most part they are also fake. There are those that aren’t, and they are given offhand answers which interestingly enough sound more like the company itself is answering rather than someone that has reviewed their website, further advertising their product. I have read into various forums and comments and 90% of the people that have invested money actually were never able to log back into the system. It completely blocks them out while others lost their money so quickly that they didn’t even get a chance to actually see the process.

This is a scam. Do not fall for the Guaranteed Payout System unless you have a minimum of $250 to lose.



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