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I was on a mission to find a binary options system and thought I had found it with Millionaire Blueprint. Before I continue, I want to note that I have had no experience with binary options but heard about them through a friend that was discussing it one time when we were out. Of course, what I did next is what lead me to my major losses. I decided to go online and pick one of the numerous systems out there to jump into. I thought they were all the same. After checking out several different websites and realizing they all look the same and say the same thing I picked the last one I visited and that was this one.

Unfortunately, I didn’t read any reviews or read more into binary options and how many scams are out there. I simply thought that it all depends on your and regardless, all systems seemed the same so it didn’t really matter what I decided to stick with. Boy was I wrong.

What is the Millionaire Blueprint System?

This is a binary options platform as any other. You sign up with them for free, as the platform itself is free as with all other scams out there, and then invest. Of course, they don’t mention anything about the investment part or that there is a minimum. They actually mention nothing about the process in general.

Once you sign up you have to select one of the brokers that they work with. You can only choose a broker you have not worked with before as you have to be a new customer to them. This is because systems like these earn their money through referrals, which is why they are free. The more people they refer to these brokers the more they make. They don’t make money when you do, they don’t care of you make any money at all or lose your entire investment. They make money regardless. After that you invest their minimum amount which is anywhere from $200-250, I say this because I have noticed that the price changes every once in a while.

Once you have deposited your money you never hear from them, you do not get the support which they claim you will receive, and you lose all your money. It is only then that you hear from them, once, in order to convince you to try your luck again because you had lost your money due to a glitch or because you did not follow some sort of instructions which they insist is the reason you were not successful. Then, you are left alone with your pockets empty.

Why is the Millionaire Blueprint System a Scam?

Starting from the homepage you realize you are not provided with any information.

All you get is a video. These videos are actually what convinced me to join their system. It not only offers plenty of improbable information which, if you are not acquainted with such scams is easily believed, but unlike other similar videos you can go back and forth in the video allowing you to really process the information.

They don’t talk about the actual system but rather about a training which will take place and you will learn how to trade, when to trade, and what to trade. This of course, is great information, but can be easily found without the need to sign up for similar websites. Also, this information is not guaranteed to help you win, trust me, I have been down this road and I lost it all.

Overall, the website provides little to no information except for the video. I tried to dig up something but even their sign-up button doesn’t work anymore. The only links within the WordPress website that still work are in the Members Menu and you are continuously asked to log in. Obviously, my login information no longer works so I can further dig to provide you with some decent screenshots of what they offer.

What Others are Saying

Finding legitimate information about this website has been nearly impossible. Unfortunately, it has the same name as another similar website which offers more or less similar promises but it is completely different. In turn, you are left wondering exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Most of the websites I visited that offered “genuine” reviews were far from that. The titles of their reviews described the website as a scam but when you read into it you realize you have been suckered in yet again with claims that this really is the system that does wonders and makes you rich. Obviously they are doing one thing right, paying a lot of people a lot of money to do great marketing so they can steal your money.

I found one or two genuine reviews and comments from which I discovered exactly what I had experienced, complete and total loss of time and money. The system is a joke and we are those that are being laughed at.

In Conclusion

Don’t fall for this system. I have since visited the website and for some reason you are not able to sign up for it anymore by clicking the button to the right. Perhaps they have been outed and have stopped taking in new customers, perhaps it’s a bug. Either way, steer clear and don’t get lured into this crap.

I have since tried to contact them to try and figure out what really went wrong. After speaking with them about my initial loss I was so frustrated that I just hung up after they got too pushy requesting that I invest again. Unfortunately, since then I have either been hung up on or disconnected while I spoke with a representative the moment that I start mentioning that I feel that I have been scammed.

Overall, if you ask me, don’t fall for it as I did. Stay away from the Millionaire Blueprint scam!

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