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Millionaires Blueprint Review: Waste of Time and Money?

When you initially visit the official Millionaires Blueprint website it is hard to understand how exactly you will make this money. The only thing you are greeted with is a video of a guy talking and honestly, I highly doubt many people actually watch the video all the way through. The website has changed slightly over time but generally, it’s the same idea, little to no information, videos, and sign up option. They make claims of making money online absolutely free and fast with absolutely no experience. This, of course, is bending the truth a bit, but their system really is free.

Understanding the Millionaires Blueprint?

What this website does is allows you to trade binary options as it is a 3rd party signals software. The information provided in the official website will certainly keep you guessing though. If you have researched binary option websites in the past then you will see the similarities, they all look the same and are all as vague as the last. The video doesn’t really offer more info either as it is just more marketing of how great their system is rather than real information as to how you really make money, information on binary options, and most importantly, the risks.

The one thing I did learn about the video that is provided on the official website is that they will teach you how to use the system and how to make money. This plan will help you get the most out of your time and money and will ensure that you really make a profit. Of course, when it comes to binary options no one can guarantee a profit as it’s always a risk and it’s a gamble. The idea of this blueprint is teaching you on making money through trading stocks. There are different rules that are essential parts of trading stocks and being successful and by training you in understanding them you will learn how to avoid losses, help you select the right stocks, and how to avoid the wrong ones.

This is all taught through webinars, training manuals, and one on one help. You will be able to maximize your gain and ensure that your investment is secure preventing the high risk. Of course, the goal is to help you learn about trading stocks and binary options but the key is to first learn about them before making an investment.

Feedback on Millionaires Blueprint System

Of course, upon researching actual feedback from people that have used this system I came to some very contradictory conclusions. Unfortunately, for the most part feedback, reviews, and even comments are mainly paid. They are rarely genuine and usually getting real information from them is hard. There are a few reputable websites that I trust and this is what I got from them.

Here I found information which is not readily available on the official website. I was able to confirm that this really is a binary options robot system and what it does is connects you with brokers by means of a software which helps you trade the stocks. Though, as with all other similar systems, they claim there is a 100% return I would not put my money on it as there is no guarantee with this as trading binary options, regardless how great the software you use, it’s a risk and a gamble. The software itself is actually free, using it is free, the training is free, everything is free. The only thing you pay for is the actual investment to do the trading. You first have to select one of their brokers as long as you have not worked with them before and invest a minimum of $250. This is generally the minimum investment with most similar systems as the price range is $200-250.

Registering for this system through the official website really does take no more than about 5 minutes. Feedback from previous and current users of the system is hard to find, or at least genuine feedback. There are some that say that they are unhappy with the system simply because they had to invest $250, which is a given as they were not provided with much information about what they are getting into, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a scam. In order to prevent feeling scammed make sure that you are well aware of what you are getting yourself into and clearly understand that this is something you have to invest in and this system is free but the money you trade with is yours.

Will you Make Money with Millionaires Blueprint?

In my search of feedback on this system and software I found very mixed opinions and reviews. Some of course are paid and far from honest but others seem pretty legitimate. One thing is consistent though, they exaggerate the results. This is no surprise. The results depend entirely on you, your dedication, and how well you understand binary options. They claim that you will become a millionaire but there is no way for this to happen with a $250 investment, for you to see those kinds of results you have to invest a lot more, something I do not recommend until you are sure it works for you and are comfortable with the software and binary options. Avoid the marketing tactics and get the real information on binary options. The Millionaires Blueprint System, like the many others out there, make money by referring you to the brokers they work with. Their system and robots work through these brokers. The key is to never leave your money in the hands of robots regardless how they market them and rather learn about binary options and do the trading yourself. Also, robots tend to get information with a delay, a common problem I have seen with similar systems, which means that regardless how accurate they are, you may be missing out on great opportunities where you may have made a profit.

Should you Invest?

If you are asking if investing with the Millionaires Blueprint system is the best choice for you, I can’t help you. I can provide you with plenty of information on binary options, give you a direction, and give you a breakdown of their system and software, but it is entirely up to you how you want to use this information. If you ask me systems like Millionaires Blueprint are all possibilities for you to make money, as long as you take control and do trading on your own and learn about binary options.

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