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I am a stay at home mom of soon to be 3 and when I first started looking for a way to make money online I came upon Millionaire Society.  It was completely random and more of an accident rather than on purpose. I had never really shown an interest in making money online before simply because I know my computer skills are far from perfect. When I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child I knew I had to get myself busy with doing something online as I had at least another 5 years at home.

What struck me with Millionaire Society is that it allowed me to learn about it while I was picking up around the house. Just played the video and listened. After the first 8 minutes I had left everything aside and was listening with my full attention.

What is Millionaire Society?

In short, it’s a system which will provide you with training (limited) and the possibility to create a variety of websites and “successful” businesses that will earn you money without doing anything but quick and easy marketing.

Easy enough, I thought to myself. Seems like something I could really do right? The homepage had absolutely no information on it. Just a 25 minute long video (which I have since found on a different website so I can easily fast forward and rewind) with nothing but a pause button. Take a look here to see the video and explore:

Millionaire Society (The Original Link) by DaineShelba493

They make promises of 115 different businesses which you can start today. They claim that you will not spend more than 15 minutes setting up each one of these business and that they will all be highly successful and make you rich. Unfortunately though, this is far from the truth.

Why is Millionaire Society a Scam?

The first thing that comes to mind is my completely overlooking the full information on the website when I ordered.

As I noted, the homepage offers absolutely no information. You are not told what it’s about, you are not given a price, nothing. Just a video plastered there and how you can make $720 a day.


They are kind enough to note in small letters that there is no guarantee that you’ll make the same amount. Yes, true, but with the way they market it in the video and in general, $720 a day is far more than I can expect. I would have been happy with $100 a day honestly. Unfortunately, I didn’t even get that.

Once you watch the video, or part of it, you can just sign up. Add your email, simple right? Unfortunately nope. I later realized that they did note that you order now for $4.95 for the 7 day trial and then the price skyrockets to $97 per month. Of course, after watching the video you are completely blinded by what the future holds and don’t even notice details such as these.

So what happens? Once you enter your email you are taken to a billing page where you pay only $4.95. If you read the tiny text though you realize that it’s only for 7 days and unlike the main page the price per month is actually $116.40 not $97. Still, if it works, why not right?

How do you Make Money with Millionaire System?

Here it gets interesting. In the video he shows how simple the process is and honestly, it really isn’t all that hard. However, there is actually very little training. I have since found the same exact information provided as training, at the high cost of $116.40 per month, in various forums and free websites that offer information for anyone interested in learning. Not only that, most of the websites you create do not necessarily bring you money bur only continuously market this and the clickbank website. Technically the ideal is possible and there are ways you can make money online through a system such as theirs, but they have not provided you with the necessary tools and training to actually succeed.

They want you to focus on simply luring others into the system just so they can continuously make money and trick you into believing that eventually money will fall from the sky and their completely unrealistic business plan which no one falls for. After several tries and spending countless hours of trying to figure out where the money will come from you realize that trying to market this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages has only lead to many of your friends and followers completely disowning you and those you have managed to lure hating you in the end.

So to answer the question, how do you make money with the Millionaire System, you simply do not. You waste a lot of money.

How was I Scammed?

Well, after falling for it I decided to completely engulf myself in the idea that I was an entrepreneur and starting a new business. I immediately started reading the training manuals and all information provided. I went step by step and created the websites, a total of 8, and took it from there. I started marketing to my family and friends and anyone that would listen only to realize that only the saw that what I was doing was just promoting the scam that I had fallen for.

After about 15 days of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong I realized that my card had been charged $116.40. Obviously, I didn’t read the small print, I didn’t even look at the terms and conditions. I was just hopeful and paid up ready to become rich.

When I realized that I had been charged is when it all came into perspective. There I was $120 less in my account and absolutely nothing to show for it. The information provided by the website to create this magnificent business had failed me and I ended up doing nothing more than wasting time and money. Reading the terms and conditions of Millionaire Society they clearly state that you may make no money at all and that the testimonials may be by actors, and that you may have absolutely zero success to show from the $120 you have spent. So yes, I do believe that Millionaire Society is a complete scam.

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  1. Tommy
    March 19, 2016 at 9:02 pm

    I signed up for this account too. I want to get out of it so they don’t charge my account again. How do you terminate your account?

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