Yet another brain supplement on the market, Neurocell. Found this completely by random but have been reviewing brain supplements for some time now after I realized that today on the market there are more scams than actual products that get the job done. Every day more and more are offered yet less and less are actual quality.

The best way to determine if a product is really what their official website claims them to be is to do research, know how to spot a scam, and always, I mean always, read the terms and conditions.


What the Official Website Says about Neurocell

Nothing really new here if you ask me. They don’t really get creative with the websites anymore and in general I have found that you will end up visiting identical websites for different products. This is nothing new and isn’t necessarily a sign that the product isn’t quality or the website is a scam, just a bit lazy is all. The bad thing is that when the product doesn’t have its own image it reflects badly on the product itself.

As with other websites this one claims that Neurocell will improve how your brain works as a whole. You will focus like never before, have a clearer mind, and in general absorb a lot more information much better with the new mental clarity you will experience. This is all possible with the enhancement of neurotransmitters which are the key to how your brain works. Storing new information will be done more efficiently and more organized thus allowing you to find it when it is necessary with less effort. They claim their supplement is a powerful nootropic through the combination of its incredible ingredients which are all natural.

Why People Need Brain Supplements

The brain ages as you age thus working less and less effectively. This in combination with stress and a bad diet wreak havoc on your brain. Over time the way your brain works gets less and less efficient and effective thus resulting in brain fog, bad memory, difficulty concentrating, and more. They claim that with Neurocell both men and women benefit and those in their early 20’s to late 30’s experience significant improvement in short term memory and some in long term while those between 40 and 65 experience an improvement in both. This of course has been repeated over and over again in other websites and no actual information or link to the study is provided.

You will experience a boost in energy both for your body and your brain which will help you stay more alert and focused all day long. At the end of the day though they say it will wear out allowing you to sleep without troubles. Some other benefits are:

  • Memory recall boost
  • More focus
  • Super energy
  • Added concentration
  • Improved problem solving capabilities
  • And more…

The only information provided about what is in the product is that the ingredients are powerful nootropics. Nootropics are the latest thing on the market. They are natural ingredients which help improve a number of mental functions including everything from memory, cognition, and motivation to intelligence and focus. The supplement contains 100% pure Phosphatidylserine Complex which has numerous benefits some of which are confirmed to improve memory and related diseases and age-related decline. Click on the link and get more information from WebMD on side effects, how it works, and other possible benefits. Regardless, the most important thing to remember is that supplements are not regulated by the FDA and it is always recommended to consult with your doctor before taking anything.


What Benefits to Expect

Honestly, I am tired of reading the same thing over and over again as well. Just hope that Neurocell really does deliver on their promises, right?

  • Boost of memory recall
  • Increased energy
  • Boost of brain reaction speed
  • Improved mood
  • Overall health boost
  • More focus
  • Overall improvement of memory and brain


Each website I have visited so far has the same benefits. I have read into different reviews online and have not found anything substantial either. The only complaints that I found were that they weren’t happy with the price while the positive reviews and comments I found, though they did say that the product is effective, it is certainly a little exaggerated, which is quite expected. More or less though, I found nothing that one could really go on.


Buying Neurocell

The best thing that I found about this product is that there is NO AUTO-SHIP PROGRAM. You buy your package, whether it be one bottle or one of the other two options available, and that’s it. No further charges, no problems with trying to contact them to cancel memberships, nothing. This alone shows that this is not one of those scam websites. No small text that tells you they can make additional charges to your card without your consent in the terms and conditions. In general, a straightforward approach:

  • 5 Bottles – $159.95
  • 3 Bottles – $129.90
  • 1 Bottle – $58.95


Another interesting point is that if you try and close out of the purchase page you receive a popup window saying that you can get an even better discount if you don’t leave their website. Instead of getting one bottle for the price of $58.95 you can get 2 bottles for $49.90. This is actually a pretty good deal and honestly, I would jump on the idea if I had more information on the ingredients.

Was it for me?

Well, I have a rule. If I cannot research each of the ingredients I do not order, no matter what. I have tried so many supplements in the past and experimented so much with my body that I refuse to order anything until I have had a chance to properly research it. As I don’t trust any websites guarantee for returns I don’t want to spend nearly $50 to see the list of ingredients. Though the one thing they did share was promising I do have allergies and certain ingredients that do not sit well with my stomach that I have to worry about. With that said, if you order Neurocell and try it out please comment below and share your experience, and if possible, a list of ingredients.

2 thoughts on “NEUROCELL

  1. Vera
    February 12, 2016 at 12:49 am

    I purchased a bottle of this for my husband, panicked when I read that it was a scam, and called to cancel. They instead offered 50% off and a full refund if I did not like it. I have wasted $30 many times, so I felt better about the purchase. I was however, reluctant to experiment with hubby’s divine brain chemistry; and did what any responsible wife would do- and took it myself! Day 1 and I did have way more energy than I should after working 5 12 hour shifts in the hospital. I was so motivated I cleaned my rental property, went grocery shopping, played with the kids, and made a gourmet dinner- all the while singing to the radio. Possibly the placebo effect – But I am not complaining. I did however find myself tossing and turning throughout the night. Could be the pill, could be nerves over an interview the next day… which I rocked! Could be my natural awesomeness blooming, but I cannot complain about any negative side effects, except a lingering headache which could be anything really. I am still a skeptic, but will give this a good try. Being a nurse- I researched each ingredient and all passed my test and looked promising. We give our Alzheimer’s patients meds to help with memory loss and mental clarity- so the list seem feasible. Nothing too scary.

    Pretty vague on dosage amounts- but it is a proprietary blend:

    Vitamin B3 Niacin 30mg 150%
    Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine HCL 5 mg 250%

    545 mg
    Bacopa Monnieri
    Alpha GPC
    Phosphatidyiserine (20%)
    Huperzine A (1%)

  2. Cabeza De Verga
    April 4, 2016 at 6:36 am

    I dont need this stuff. Pointless. I am the greatest. Do what I say. You cant be as good so dont try. But you can be ok. You dont need this crap. Scam. Loan me some money. Ill tell you when your getting it back. If you ask you get nothing. Give me $5000 dollars.


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