I have experienced nerve problems for nearly 3 years now and when I accidentally came upon Neurodol while reading some commentary on how to ease nerve pain I thought I’d look into it. The website provides more than enough information to help me decide whether this really could be the product for me. I cannot say whether it is for everyone, but it definitely describes my problems and gives a solution for them.

What is unfortunate is that there are companies that target people like myself that are looking for answer for serious ailments and problems. There are so many scam websites and products out there that regardless how promising a product may seem initially you have to be very careful when ordering. There are always loopholes, chances the ingredients may not be safe or effective, or that the website itself is a complete scam.


What is Neurodol?

This is the latest product on the US and European market that offers a nerve healing formula which claims to help reduce tingling, numbness, pain, and burning. They claim that their product is the best out there to treat these symptoms of unhealthy nerves. Since healthy nerves do not cause these symptoms you need a product that will help heal them rather than simply cover up the problem.

The product is developed to nurture and nourish the nerves so they function better. Each ingredient is carefully chosen and combined in this formula to build up in the body over time and provide your nerves the necessary nutrients for proper nerve function.

They claim that this product will help with the following problems:

  • Neuralgia Nerve Problems – this is a stabbing, burning, and more often than not very severe pain which is felt along a damaged nerve usually along the face or neck though it can be anywhere.
  • Hand Nerve Pain –the is one of the most common and is basically numbness in the hands. This may be accompanied by tinging and burning. When it occurs the arm, hand, or fingers may begin to feel clumsy or weak.
  • Leg Nerve Problems – if you experience burning, numbness, or pain in the lets then you may have unhealthy nerves. This supplement will help relieve these symptoms while building new healthy nerves.
  • Nerve Problems in Feet – you may experience severe tingling in the feet, episodic tingling, or chronic tingling. These sensations may be accompanied by other symptoms such as burning, pain, and numbness which may be a sign of damaged nerves.

What is in Neurodol?

One thing that I always look for when looking for a supplement for whatever ailment I may have I always look for the ingredients. Regardless what they promise it is in the ingredients where you will find the answer whether it is safe or effective.

They claim that the ingredients are scientifically proven and have shown time and again to be effective against tingling, pain, and numbness. They are of the highest quality and grade which they claim makes this product that much better than anything else on the market today.

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List of ingredients:

  • 2-Aminoethanesulfonic Acid – also known as Taurine, this ingredient is known well for its role in neurotransmitter activity. It has a quality to relax both the nerves and the mood as well as its importance in skeletal muscle, nervous system, and the heart. During studies there were no reports of side effects.
  • Acetyl-2-Carnitine – or ALC, helps alleviate nerve problem symptoms such as pain and aids in the improvement of nerve fiber regeneration and vibration reception in patience that have been diagnosed with neuropathy. I have found that these are proven claims and that though there have been reports of side effects they have been mild.
  • Cyanocobalamin – is required by the body to support the normal function of nerve cells as well as manufacture myelin. Myelin is the insulation material surrounding some nerve cells and aids speed up natural transmission. Research shows that there are no side effects reported.
  • Benfotiamine – helps increase Thiamine Pyrophosphate. It benefits the nerve health in both diabetics and non-diabetics. A recent German study revealed that it can help relieve tingling/numbness and nerve pain in just 3 weeks.
  • Cholecalciferol – in a recent study this ingredient has shown that it is associated with regulation of NFG (nerve growth factor) synthesis. Nerve Growth Factor is responsible for the growth and overall survival of neurons.

Looking over these ingredients I am convinced that at least this product is safe. None of them have serious side effects while others have none at all. The ingredients have proven to be effective for the most part and there really could be positive results from taking this product, just keep in mind that it all depends on the nerve damage, how your body responds, and if you have other health problems.

How to Buy Neurodol

What I really liked was that buying is straightforward. There are no Free Trial gimmicks, no package options, just the price and that’s it. For one bottle you pay $65.95 and get free shipping. The price is relatively reasonable as in the past I have considered products nearing $100 per bottle. They mention that you have 30 days to return the product to get a full refund but if you continue reading you will find out that this is only for unopened packages. So, if you really want to try this product you have to be ready to spend the full $65.95 for it. Considering the lack of free trial or other gimmicks I think I’ll let that slide, just make sure you keep it in mind.

In Conclusion…

Considering how low the price is and in general that the ingredients themselves seem promising I am ordering a bottle to give it a try. I highly recommend you continue reading and see what others have to say about the product and research the ingredients further. I will continue my review after I have taken Neurodol for one month and share my experience.

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