I have been on the market for a pre-workout pill and when I received an advertisement for NO2 Blast the other day I thought my search perhaps has come to an end. I am tired of poisoning my body with chemicals on my mission to perfect my body. I work out at least 4-5 times a week and I really want the results I am working so hard for. The problem is that all the natural supplements I have tried so far have either failed to deliver or I was completely scammed and got nothing in return. This is why I am going about things a bit differently. I want to do in-depth research and really find out of this is the supplement I was looking for before ordering.

What is NO2 Blast?

So, this is a scientifically advanced pre-workout supplement which has a number of benefits. It helps regulate the natural levels of androgen which help keep you energized, build new muscles, and keep your libido going. One of the key ingredients, Tongkat Ali, is one of the most powerful herbal substances on the market that ensure hormones are balanced and androgen levels regulated. In addition to these benefits the supplement is also very beneficial to steroid users. This is because it helps reduce SHBG’s which in turn helps make you less responsive to higher levels of testosterone.

The official website clams that in just a few weeks you will see an incredible increase in free testosterone levels. Also, it can preserve/save your on-cycle gains greatly which is very beneficial in comparison to products like Clomid. Taken daily you can combine it with testosterone boosting supplements and even has the ability to naturally make them work better.

You can also use NO2 Blast long-term in comparison to other supplements on the market. The longer you continue to take it the higher it will raise the bar. The official website claims that doctors even consider the main ingredient, Tongkat Ali to be the “herbal HCG” or even a herbal version of Clomid as it continuously helps stimulate your HTPA through regulating natural androgen levels and will never shut it down like HCG or Steroids often do.

The official website continues to further discuss how the supplement will affect you and your workouts by discussing how it helps sustain your natural hormone levels while improving mass and keeping your libido up. Overall, it helps balance your body and maintains sustained energy all day long allowing you to get more out of your life and workout. Unlike with other pre-workout and fat burning supplements you will not experience the common jitters.


Taking NO2 Blast

Taking this supplement is very straightforward. You simply take 2 tablets of the supplement every day with your meals. Make sure you hydrate well throughout the day and especially before you work out. Finally, head to the gym and reap the benefits of your hard work combined with the power of the supplement.

What is in NO2 Blast?

  • Maca Root (400 mg) – keeps hormones balanced while keeping your energy levels up and maintaining a strong libido. No listed side effects.
  • Niacin (25 mg) –helps maintain energy level production in athletes. There are side effects noted and some added notes to help prevent them. Please follow link for more information.
  • Tongkat Ali (100 mg) – maintains energy levels and strong libido all the while regulating natural androgen levels. No listed side effects.
  • Zinc (13.4 mg) – supports recovery and muscle growth. There is a list of side effects as well as recommendations for taking it. Please follow link for more information.

I have researched each of these ingredients in the past and though not all of them have been scientifically proven to be effective due to few studies done on them I do believe they are effective. Please note that some do have possible side effects. You can click on each ingredient and you will be redirected to the corresponding WebMD page where you can get more information on their uses, benefits, possible side effects, and recommendations.


Benefits of Taking NO2 Blast

Of course, there are plenty of great benefits listed. These are all possible results you may experience, but honestly, I have seen these listed over and over again on numerous other websites yet they usually have failed to deliver. The ingredients do prove to be effective in my searches but the combination is key and I have yet to try this particular combination. Here is a list of benefits as per the official website:

  • Boosts Protein Synthesis
  • Increases your Endurance Threshold
  • Cuts Recovery Time by Half
  • Boosts Levels of Energy
  • Improves your Metabolism
  • Reduces % of Fat


How to Buy NO2 Blast?

Here is where they lost me. Not necessarily because it’s a scam but simply because I have ordered Trial Offers before. I cannot say that this one is a scam, and honestly, the way that they go about their trial offer, though similar to the rest, is far more open about what the trial is, the terms of it, and how you can avoid charges you don’t want. Here are the terms.

  • 14 Day Trial from Day of Order
  • No Commitments or Hidden Fees
  • $5.95 shipping and handling
  • $79.95 Billed if Not Canceled by 14th Day
  • Enrolled in Auto Ship Program – $85.90 per month
  • Cancel Anytime

What I liked is that they say right off the bat in the top of the billing page that the trial is for 14 days. No gimmicks or hidden agendas. No saying that you get a full month bottle for the price of shipping and handling like the rest. Straight up information on what to expect, how long you have, and at the bottom the full prices if you do not cancel.


In Conclusion…

I think the supplement could really be effective as the ingredients are known for their great benefits. One of my concerns are the side effects but that is a wait and see kind of game as they don’t occur with every individual. I have ordered my Trial offer and have decided to give the supplement one month trial. I am at the 13th day as of now and will not be canceling and returning the remainder but I do confirm that I have experienced some improvements. When the first month is complete I will give my comments and add onto this review. If you have already tried NO2 Blast please share your thoughts, experiences, and any other information that I may have missed in the comments below.



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