Profit Magnet Review: SCAM ALERT!


Surely you ended up at the Profit Magnet website while searching for a way to earn money online. Perhaps you showed an interest in binary options and thought it would be a fast and easy way to earn from the market. Regardless how you ended up there, run. This website, not looking at the video at all, has all of the signs of a scam. Yes, they’ve actually put in a lot of work to make the website seem legitimate, but have still a long way to go to actually proving so. From the moment you land on their website you may not notice, but you are given the very first sign that this is a scam.

What is the Profit Magnet System?

As you enter the website you are greeted with a video that doesn’t waste any time in trying to convince you that you can be a millionaire in no time. With claims that you will make $1,000 per day guaranteed and you don’t have to do a thing! Right! The moment you hear anything like this it should be the first red light that it is a scam.

What are the Profit Magnet System a SCAM Signs?

Since all you can do is pause the video I have pulled it up on YouTube so it’s easier for you to skip over whenever you get bored, if you still actually want to watch it in full. I will not go further into the video simply because they all say the same thing. Empty promises, happy faces on boats, lots of numbers, bank accounts, and lots of lies. I think with that one sentence I covered the whole video and will move on.

One of the things you should always look for when looking for legitimate websites is when they have images like these:These are nothing more than diversions and yet another means to make themselves look more trustworthy. Unfortunately, they mean absolutely NOTHING unless you can click on them and confirm their certificate. So, aside from just filling up space and trying to convince you that they are legit these images have absolutely no backing and no reason to be there.

The Faces of Profit Magnet

Scrolling down you are greeted with a fresh “live” box of their Facebook #ProfitMagnet. Interestingly enough, with #ProfitMagnet you will not only have a hard time finding these seemingly genuine reviews, but actually you will find nothing more than random posts that have nothing to do with the actual Profit Magnet website. There are several, yes, and they are from the Facebook page of Profit Magnet and 1-2 paid reviews which are painfully obvious. But I will get into that later.

I really wanted to find out who these individuals are. Are they real? Do they really have Facebook accounts? What are their names or where are these pictures taken from?

I have to admit, it was a bit of a mission as the images are cropped and you cannot simply search them by image, but with a bit of digging, lots of searching in stock image websites, I found them. Allow me to introduce you to their lovely FAKE reviewers.


This happy gentleman shared that he was happy with the system and got rich from it. In fact however, he is nothing more than a stock image of a “Happy retired man sitting on a tree trunk” and you can buy him if you have 12 credits in the DreamStine stock photo website.


Our lovely happy woman sharing images of her earned money. Yup, another stock image, and another proof that this is nothing more than a scam.



And it goes on…







If someone that doesn’t know how to see the signs or is relatively gullible they could easily read any of these posts and think “hey this is amazing, look how much they are earning!”, as I have in the past. If these websites have to actually pay for images, pay for reviews, and pay for “customers” – all the while flaunting how super successful they are – obviously they are lying.

Moving onto their Facebook page. Since they want to throw their Facebook in our face I decided to do a quick search. It didn’t take long to find their page. Interestingly enough, its first activity starts on the 13th of January. With only 8 people that actually like the page, no activity, and no images I am lead to believe that the page was created on the day of the first post. Interesting how it’s possible for people to already be winning so much and to be “discussing” this system when it hasn’t even been up a full month.

How do I know it’s a new system which can’t possibly have all the success that they claim? I looked them up in Whois. Turns out the domain was purchased on the 26th of November in 2015. The domain was purchased by DWD Technologies LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada and interestingly enough, they own a total of 9 domain names.       image14

What I liked best was when I decided to see what other domains they have I discovered that they were all similar scam websites. So, if this really is a successful business website where you can trade binary options and become a millionaire why would they have more websites of the same scam with different names??? Unfortunately, I am unable to pull up all 9 of the domains, but the 3 which I can see, they are all the same SCAM with a different name.

I am not going to go into detail about what others are saying about Profit Magnet simply because I know well enough that more than half of what I find will be well paid reviews. Websites like these have high paying affiliate programs and paid writers flock to write positive reviews for them in order to lure people to sign up. The more people that sign up through their review, the more money they make.

If the information I have provided has not convinced you that Profit Market is a scam and you decide to go ahead and try them, I would love to hear how it went in the comments below.

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