Secret Millionaires Club 2016

Considering that it was just released on the 4th of January the Secret Millionaires Club 2016 has yet to accumulate many negative comments in forums and reviews but yet it has managed to accumulate pages of positive reviews. Wonder why that is? I will reveal their secret later.

There are so many binary options scams out there these days that finding something that is genuine is actually impossible. Period. They are popping up left and right and so far I have yet to find something that is even close to real. I have long given up using binary options as a means of getting rich simply because not only is it a 50/50 risk but the scams out there are impossible to avoid.

This one is no different and I will share why now.

What is the Secret Millionaires Club 2016?

This is a binary options trading software which lures you to sign up by means of pressuring you that there is only a limited time, that they are offering this amazing opportunity only to a select few, and if you don’t act now you will regret it forever. This is accompanied by big numbers in the millions, fake testimonials, and more or less very good, yet, very bad marketing.


From the moment you enter the website you will immediate sense the urgency in their marketing. The number changes from time to time but more or less its anywhere between 15 and 25. I have entered and closed this website numerous times during my research and I have yet to miss this amazing opportunity. So, do you think you can really make over a million dollars in just 6 months? Don’t. You will actually in fact, lose $250 in just 48 hours.


Not even sure how they come up with these numbers. The video is nothing more than words on a black screen. A less than convincing guy telling you how this is the best thing that has ever happened to you and how you must act fast.

After this you are once again pushed for time as you have only 9 minutes to sign up or lose your position. Don’t fret, you lose nothing. I spent over a half hour on the homepage last time and all is good, still accepted my fake email so I can move onto the next step.



This is my favorite part. Since the homepage doesn’t really offer much information you really do have to enter your email. Of course, expect it to be sold off and soon you will have to ditch it because it will be filled to the brim with scam spam.

Once on the second page you are again pressed for time. They even add a number of people that are currently on the page looking at what you are looking and only 7 spots to fill! Oh the pressure! Of course the timer continues going strong. Again, ignore it.


I love the testimonial pages for some of these websites because usually you can find either the real person or the stock websites where they purchased the photo. Unfortunately, if the images are cropped and renamed it is hard to find them again. I did find one of them though, as it was already a profile image of a gentlemen that has a profile in a meetup group.


Antonio D is actually in fact Mike D. Interestingly enough, he is an active member since December of 2015 and is nowhere else on the internet. Perhaps they took extra care to create a fake account? Not sure, but regardless, these are NOT real people. These are stolen identities and stolen faces of people completely unaware that they are used to advertise a SCAM.


They made sure to add plenty of comments to make their website look all the more convincing. Unfortunately each comment looks more fake than the last. There are no dates from the comments and the names look like they are right out of a name generator. I couldn’t help myself and decided to comment, of course something along the lines of questioning whether the website is a scam. I wanted to see if my comment would show. Surprise surprise I was taken to another page that read the following:


If this is the case how did these comments magically appear?

How does Secret Millionaire Society 2016 have so MANY Positive Reviews!?

Well, this has a very simple answer to it. Many people new to working online or the internet in general may not be acquainted with affiliates. Interestingly enough, these guys were stupid enough to actually post their affiliates offer linked from the homepage under “Affiliates” at the bottom of the website.

This is where everything is revealed.



What his means is that if you have a ClickSure account you can become an affiliate for this company. How does that happen? Well, you write positive reviews, post links to social media, do just about ANYTHING in order to bring traffic to this website and hope that at least some of the people that are lead to the website through your special link which includes your ClickSure account on it. Once someone signs up and makes a deposit the affiliate that has sent them this customer receives a whopping $250! Basically, they receive the money people deposit and LOSE!

Here are some examples of affiliate links:

You get the idea. Basically, if any link that you click is followed by strange numbers and symbols when you know well enough the web address of the website you are vising then you are redirected by an affiliate.

They even go as far as offering affiliates pre-written emails which they can send to their email lists.



Who is the Secret Millionaires Club 2016 and when was it Created

Aside from the fact that they clearly share that the software will be available to the public on the 4th of January, 2016 on their Affiliates page this can also be confirmed through the reputable website I find it very interesting that a website such as this has so many positive reviews in such a short time, not to mention testimonials considering that it has been active for about 4 days? Interesting.

As per this website was registered on the 18th of December 2015. They didn’t even pay for the domain for more than 1 year considering they are well aware that by then they would have to shut down and think of a new scam.



All in all? The Secret Millionaires Club is a SCAM! Though I cannot find genuine reviews from people that have experienced their system, I recommend you stay well clear of it unless you want to provide me with some hard evidence that it’s a scam. If so, please comment below, I would love to hear about your experience.

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