Stark Trading System Scam

So, I have taken up an interest in trading binary options and came upon the Stark Trading System. I have actually reviewed several different binary option software websites in order to get an idea of the marketing tricks they use and in general, try to pinpoint if there are any obvious signs whether a system is a scam from the get-go or do you really have to do extra research and even try it to find out.

Unfortunately, as it turns out nearly every single software website I have visited so far has the same setup. A video that cannot be controlled basically saying all of the “useful” information, a spot to add your email address and name, which leads to yet another page with more video. Many of them lack the basic information to even find out what the website is about, let alone real, genuine information about the software itself. This, of course, makes pinpointing SCAM systems even harder as many legitimate systems use this sort of marketing in order to attract visitors and traders as the competition is extreme.

What is the Start Trading System

This is a binary options software that is claimed to have the answers to all your problems as it guarantees wins, leaving out the part about how binary options are just as risky as all other form of trading. They have a trading robot that can do all of the trading for you so even if you have never had any experience with trading binary options in the past, you can easily and quickly earn money. This sounds fantastic and too good to be true right? Well, that is because it really is too good to be true. Even the best systems out there that everyone is raving about have a risk to them and usually the profits that they claim when marketing the system are the highest they have gotten with some of their traders, this, by all means, does not guarantee you will see the same results.

Usually, those with the really high profits have invested not hundreds, but thousands of dollars. Though it seems logical, I do not recommend it until you are well educated with binary options and can do the trading yourself rather than give over your life savings to a robot to do the trading for you. Many have succeeded with software like this even with the minimum deposit, but certainly not all. So, going into this you need to remember that regardless how great it sounds and how much they promise you will earn, regardless of the software they are offering or the website you are vising, the risk is always there.

Though using the software itself is actually completely free, do keep in mind that once you sign up you actually have to deposit money in order to trade. The minimum amount required by the recommended broker by the software is $200, which is standard for most of these systems. Actually, it’s about $50-$100 less than most.

The Pros and Cons of the Stark Trading System 

As with everything else there are always pros and cons. The good and the bad. Unfortunately, with so little information provided by the official website, aside from what they show in the videos (which is far from helpful or informative), it is hard to come up with many.


  • Shady Website – regardless if all the other website look the same (some of which that are successful and NOT scams) their marketing tactics are not really appealing
  • Un-confirmable Certificates – rather than making their security certificates clickable so you can confirm if they are legitimate only images are uploaded
  • Actors in Video – this is common in most of the websites that I have visited, not only for binary options, but for just about anything sold online.
  • Binary Options are a Risk – no need to go into further detail here…


  • Free Software – although there is plenty of free software out there, I have seen plenty that require a membership or initial payment just to use the system.
  • $200 Minimum – most of the other website that I have visited have a $250-300 minimum. Though they recommend you invest as much as you can rather than the minimum I will tell you otherwise. Give it a shot with the minimum and then decide if you want to invest more.
  • Positive Reviews – aside from the obvious paid reviews that I found, there are plenty of discussions in forums that share their experience with the system and its effectiveness (unfortunately, just as many negatives though)

My Recommendation with Stark Trading System

Although I cannot tell you whether this software is legitimate or a scam and be 100% sure of it, I can give you some tips to help you decide. Watch the videos closely, read into the numerous reviews, and learn about binary options.

Regardless that this software and the many other software options available on the market today offer an automated robot that trades your money for you, the best thing for you to do is learn about the market. If you are really interested in earning money with binary options, yes, sign up using a software like this, but don’t leave it only in their hands. Money doesn’t grow on trees so you shouldn’t let someone else control your hard earned money. Use the software to learn more about binary options, take it all in, follow the market, perhaps give it a shot with the automated system for a while, but don’t give in entirely.

I think that there are many legitimate systems out there but unfortunately the market today is overflowing with binary options software which makes the competition harsh. This means that sometimes they have to exaggerate and use rather pushy marketing techniques in order to get you to sign up. This doesn’t necessarily make them a scam, just survivors. Although I did find some great positive feedback on the Stark Trading System I highly recommend you do your own research in forums and decide for yourself if it really is what you want to invest your money in.


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