Obviously Virtnext has a lot of money to spend to keep mouths shut and buy plenty of fake reviews stating that this really is the real thing. Of course it’s not, obviously if they have to pay for positive reviews they do nothing more than rob you of your hard earned money and give you unrealistic expectations. Not only will you not win, as I have read from numerous accounts, after you deposit your money, you may not even be able to log in again completely losing track of your money altogether. And contact? Ha! There will be no one on the other side to help you find your money again.

So, what is Virtnext?


This is the newest binary options software scam on the market today. They have tried to make their website look as genuine as possible but obviously they have a lot of money to spend if they even got Binary Watchdog (yes I’m calling you out because up until now you stood your ground and gave real information) to write a positive review and even place their confirmation stamp on their website! Seriously, as I said, a lot of money paid out for marketing.

This website offers high speed access to binary options and once you sign up for their “impressive” system, which may I, add looks EXACLY as all other scams do, you will instantly become a millionaire. They claim that you will be able to make $18,000 every week which as we all know is far from the truth. Obviously if something sounds too good to be true then it most likely is. If you simply scroll down to the bottom of the page you will notice that they do not even have the required by law disclaimer which usually gives it as it really is, a big no-no as far as I am concerned. But let’s take things one by one.

WHY is Virtnext a SCAM?

Aside from the NUMEROUS complaints by many individual that have lost every penny in less than 48 hours there are numerous tell signs from the moment you open the official website.

First you are greeted with the typical marketing/promotional video which can only be paused or played. The only good thing is that at least it’s linked from YouTube rather than placed direct in the website so you can go and skip right through different parts in hopes of getting some realistic information. Don’t waste your time, watched it numerous times and there is nothing substantial there.

If you insist on watching the video though, here are the links to the 3 different videos in the website:

1st –

2nd – (hidden away to the right next to the counter)

3rd – (once you enter your name and email)

If you have seen ONE of these types of videos in other websites you have seen ALL of them. Honestly, there is nothing new to learn or see here. They haven’t even invested in a decent video or actor. Usually at least in these videos they actually talk face to face with some of the actors doing testimonies and give you a tour of their make-believe mansion. Enough about that, I don’t think the video needs anymore discussion considering that it is so obvious that it’s nothing more than marketing and bad acting.

Moving on…

The counter:


I have to note here that in my research of this website I have had it opened for nearly 2 hours, it wasn’t the end of the world and I still kept getting reminders that if I don’t act now I’ll lose my chance. There is no such thing. Counters like these are for first-timers that have no idea that these counters are on EVERY such website and mean absolutely nothing more than a way to put pressure on you and urge you to act fast, not think, and waste your money.

Continuing with the next part of the website about how simple and easy it is to lose your money. Well, of course they managed to skip several steps which include investing money, a minimum of 250 EUROS! Yes, that is expected with any binary options system, but with that said, I have yet to see a decent binary options system that requires a minimum.


Their Facebook testimonials were my favorite. This is mainly because I was able to completely confirm that this whole scheme with the live testimonials scrolling, the Facebook page, and in general, the whole idea with them putting this image there is COMPLETELY FAKE!


How do I know?? Well, let me tell you!


These are the only Virtnext Facebook pages I was able to find. First, nothing that looks anything like what is portrayed in the image, second no page that even comes CLOSE to the proclaimed 227,006 likes (yes I zoomed it and tried to find out more), and wait….their website is Yup, the actual Facebook page that was used for this image and tweaked to look like its Virtnext is:

The Facebook pages I did find have at most 105 likes (of course all of this may change by the time you read this) and all three have been created in November, November 11th, 2015 being the oldest one.

You want to know what I found in these pages? Nothing but negative comments, questions about why there is no communication, people complaining that they’ve lost their money, and overall….disappointment. Take a look at some of them:



Interesting how in the whole 3 Facebook pages for this company I did not find any genuine positive comments. Anywhere. It is either comments from confused people that have yet to find out that they have been scammed or comments by outraged individuals that have come to the conclusion that they just threw their money to the wind.

Obviously the pages are created by affiliates of Virtnext in hopes to lure more people to invest and lose money.

As the images from the scrolling comments in the official website are cropped I had a hard time finding all of them in stock photo websites but once I found the one I realized that two people, David Lee and Luke Breeds is one person! You can buy them here. If I am not mistaken these are self-portraits of the photographer.

Moving on…

Then you come to:

Companies that trust virtnext for their investments



With all other legitimate websites you can click on each of the compay names where you can confirm that they are associated with this company, unfortunately, this image is not clickable and nothing more than a marketing scheme to lure you in.

So is the below image. If they really did receive any of these awards there would be a link leading to something that confirms this.


The only clickable image out of all of these is the Binary Options Watchdog badge which is nothing more than a complete shame as they have been good at doing honest reviews, up until now. Obviously, bought themselves a positive review with them which leads me to believe that Binary Options Watch Dog is compromised and no longer a trusted website since they are so easily bought. I tried to find articles in the rest but found nothing real.


Moving onto the CEO. Obviously the guy in the video is not the CEO as they clearly state in following articles that the CEO is Vincent Bollore who is an executive at Vivendi. He has nothing to do with this website or this scam and I am not sure if he is even aware that his name is used for it. I tried to find a connection between him and Virtnext that does not come FROM Virtnext but unfortunately there is none. Nowhere in his information, his profile, his history is there a sign that he is associated with this company. If he is, then obviously he is hiding it pretty well and that means a lot.


Finally, we reach the numerous news articles that they have posted in what they are saying about this company in the news. This all seems completely legit. The article images that scroll are super small but when clicked an image comes up, not a link to the article itself. So, are they legit?

I have taken the time and looked for news concerning Virtnext or even the CEO himself and found absolutely NOTHING concerning this company. These are just photoshopped images to further try and convince you that this really is a genuine company. If you don’t pay close attention you would complete miss this, especially considering that they are pushing you on time.



So, you have passed all of these clear signs that this is a SCAM and continue on and sign up, provide your contact information, and are ready to become a millionaire? Ok, but wait. Before you go on you have to use their pre-selected broker, TitanTrade and make an investment. The minimum investment is 250 Euro. Now, considering I refuse to provide my bank information to such scam artists I wasn’t able to confirm this, but I read numerous comments where once you try and deposit the 250 minimum you are notified that the minimum has gone up to 500 Euro. Not sure if this is true, if so please comment below so I can add it in here properly.



In Conclusion

Stay away. Don’t fall for this scam! Before you give your card ANYWHERE do proper research. Don’t rely only on reviews as I think I have made it very clear that even long-trusted websites can be easily bought. Trust your instinct, check the facts, take your time….that timer will wait…TRUST ME!

So, yes…Virtnext IS A SCAM! If you don’t believe me, invest, and please come share your experience in the comments.

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22 thoughts on “Virtnext

  1. Katarina
    January 10, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    I was glad to find this here. I was doing some research on Virtnext and every review I found was all about how great this “product” is, with absolutely no flaws whatsoever, and guaranteed money for everyone. That’s a huge red flag.

    I hope more people see this review. Scams like this take advantage of people wanting to enter the stock market, with little or no prior knowledge. The reality is that if you want to successful invest, you’ll need to study up for at very least a couple of months. Not to mention that in the majority of cases, profits aren’t made instantly. Often they take months, or years. Unless you’re a day trader, investing is a long game.

    Every binary options site I’ve seen has come across as really suspicious, full of speaker-blasting auto playing video advertisements and crawling with testimonials of people who have managed to become millionaires just by sitting at home and hitting a few keys on their computers. I’m sure there are a couple of legit ones out there, but I for one will be sticking with my licensed and well reputed broker.

    And I encourage everyone who is interested in investing to do their research thoroughly and avoid giving money to obnoxious binary options sites, especially if their reviews read like school kids paid a fiver to say nice things.

  2. Russo
    January 31, 2016 at 9:04 am

    Great Job pal !!
    It’s a scam

  3. K. McMillian
    February 5, 2016 at 3:54 pm

    Thank you so much for writing this review regarding the Scam Virtnext has pulled off. Shame on the many other blogs that claim their reviews are unbiased and honest. For quite some time I’ve read the reviews on Binary Options Watchdog and had come to believe in what they were telling their following. That is, until Virtnext, read the glowing review Watchdog gave them.

    I signed up with Virtnext because of that review and damn was I in for a rude awakening. First, I never received the trading signals..Regardless of the time of day, the Virtnext dashboard constantly stated, the Binary Options Market is closed, check back during market trading hours. If I could post a screenshot, believe me in would’ve been included with this post. The balance in the trading account is clearly showing in the Virtnext dashboard, still no signals. Guess from the posts on Virtnext’s Facebook page, I should count this as a blessing in disguise. Their pre-selected Broker…ChromeX Capital is pretty new, but strangely enough their website in registered in the U.S., however, business dealings are in the Bahamas.

    I attempted a live chat with ChromeX Capital and although their website states Customer Support 24/7 and they strive to provide the best customer service possible, that is questionable. An inquiry as to how safe my personal information would be with them since they are not licensed and no regulatory oversight to safeguard an account holder, the games began. The live agent was quick to ask if he could help, once I posted that question they started transferring me between agents and no one ever supplied an answer to my question. So much for top notch customer support and honesty about the business.

    If you come across the hype about Virtnext and or the Dow Jones Focus Group, be warned it is what it is Hype. After you have signed up with them try to get someone from their so-called support teams to reply to a problem and in most cases your emails will be returned undelivered. Go to some of these blogs that claim they are posting truthful and unbiased reviews about these over-the-top signal software programs, see if a truthful but negative post about them get posted.

    Be careful and mindful about systems promising you $15,000 or more a month for someone new to trading with no experience. If you could jump into the Binary Options Trading with no experience and no knowledge of how that market really works and make that kind of money off the back, everyone would be doing it. If these systems were all they are hyped up to be, why are there so many affiliates posting ads all over the internet? The affiliates get a referral fee of possibly $100 a referral, that’s peanuts compare to $15k or more a month, you need to get 15,000 people to sign up under your ads a month. Does that make sense?

    Best wishes to you in trading. Stay away from these SCAMS!!

  4. Brad
    February 12, 2016 at 6:28 am

    You are 100% correct, VirtNext is a scam. I made the mistake of signing up for it, depositing my $250 and switching on autotrade. The scaminess of it was obvious straight away because with the trade that it made the Execution Date and the Expiry Date were exactly the same. It never closed the trade until I changed the window to another one at which point it would close at a loss. This happened three times with three losses until I decided I had been sold a scam.

  5. MJ Vega
    February 12, 2016 at 6:53 pm

    I invested with they because very good reviews. Virtnext works with GTOptions as broker now. I invested $250 (the minimun) and they disappeared in a few hours.

  6. Karl
    February 18, 2016 at 10:04 am

    yep!!!! they got me I invested what I thought was $250 and ended up $500 because I thought the first transaction did not work shit,
    Now I cant find them and the link said not available.
    What shits me more is I thought I would not get scammed and I did

  7. Paul Hibberd
    February 22, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    Hi. I have huge empathy with all who have been scammed. I nearly got scammed by Titan Trading. However if anyone is serious about trading and particularly currency pairs, a company called MTI are the real deal. I have been a student for just 10 days and their education and support is phenomenal.

    It wasn’t cheap but you get what you pay for. Check out Josh Martinez on Facebook and You Tube where he shows you daily trades. They have daily Webinars which are free to view . They really do offer great value for those willing to put some time and effort in.

    They have a two day training programme in Lake Mary Florida also.

    Hope this is of use to people.

    Kindest regards
    Paul Hibberd
    Bolton UK

  8. Paul Hibberd
    February 22, 2016 at 8:27 pm

    Steer clear of “The Millionaire Club” too. Yet another bunch desperates.

  9. Daniel
    February 24, 2016 at 9:46 am

    Apart from watchdog…Who are all these other people giving Virtnext good reviews?

    quintup(Jasmine Steve)

    Are they all fakes?
    This is SOOOO confusing!!


    1. Oscar
      April 13, 2016 at 3:57 pm


      Yes! They are all fake review websites. They usually expose obvious fraudulent software, but time to time, they promote a software and say that it is working. As they have been correctly exposing scams for a long time, everybody thinks that the software they promote is legitimate, which is in fact not true at all!! They are all in the same group, the same applies for the reviewer Keith on Youtube! If you check well, you will notice that they NEVER post a direct link to the websites of the software they promote. Instead the post links that redirects you to the desired website, by going trough platforms like . Those platforms reward you for every click you get from they redirected links. That is how they make their money!!!

  10. Nige
    February 25, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    Yes I’ve been scammed this afternoon by virtnex ( options OX finance )!!!! I’m alway carful on the net, but if it had not been recommended by Binary Options Watch Dog I would of not know of their existance, I found B.O.W.D though researching Zoolander hack another scam which they B.O.W.D have stated to leave well alon and it’s a scam!!!! what sounded alam bells to me was I had an email from Option Ox asking for a photo of my passport, proof of address and with a photo of my credit card front and back and to make sure that my sigiture is visible ( I’ve contacted my credit card company to report this and they are very concerned and have cancelled my card )…………….Why is Binary option watch dog promotion a clear scam on there web sit when there whol premis is to alert us the man/woman in street of scams……..they have to be held responsible surly??????

  11. Nana
    March 3, 2016 at 10:08 am

    Hi! Thanks for sounding the alarm on these scammers (Virtnext). Just that I found about it a bit late as I’ve just joined them 4 days ago with the minimum deposit, and was automatically assigned to Secured Options. (Never heard about them until now). Anyway, it’s the forth day today but nothing has happened on my account, I haven’t seen the actual Virtnext software on my platform. Their customer support keep saying ‘there was a problem with the bot, but it will be sorted by the end of the day’. I’m now suspicious. The lady who called and helped me with registration and funding the account, is not responding to my emails. I haven’t started trading yet. What advice can you give me?

    1. marcey
      March 7, 2016 at 9:14 pm

      Hi Nana. I was given gtoptions as a broker, did the 250, then a guy called me up, trying to scam me into putting 5000 in their account, saying i would receive 5000 in bonuses to use but not withdraw until ive x it by 20. Just try to withdraw some how, do not, i say invest, ha ha ha, any more. My advice read Money master the game, by tony robbins. it’s about 20 dollars for a 21 hour audio book. Now this guy will help, teach you how to invest! I can’t believe there’s still scamming outfits like this around, sad people, who can’t make it in the real world.

  12. Greenpanda
    March 6, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Hi Nana,

    Its all a big scam – Virtnext, once you deposit your money say goodbye to it, they will never reply and the system will make you lose. Thank you for the great review spot on …and shame on Binary Watch Dog for endorsing such a scam!

  13. olu
    March 8, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    can all of you please post a proof

    1. Oscar
      April 13, 2016 at 4:12 pm

      @ Olu,

      We are all saying the truth because we tried the software and lost our money. Unfortunately, I did not take any screenshot or something to show you. What I can give you as a proof though is the following:

      Go make some research about TAURIBOT, CITIDEL, and POWER PROFIT (just to name few). Compare their interface with the one of VIRTNEXT. You will notice that they all have the SAME interface, just with different color. That shows that the people behind those software are the same, and are just “rebranding” the same scam with different names and colors. Stay away from any Youtube reviewer (looking at Keith, Michael Freeman, etc.) or website/blog that promote those software, as they get paid for that. You will gain nothing but losing your hard earned money.

  14. Farrah
    March 11, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    I agree … it’s a total scam! Out of 20 trades taken (on auto pilot); only five were winners. Not sure where these binary review websites are appearing from and they must be getting paid big $$$ for keeping their website on active status and thus revving about the reviews on such scammers as VIRTNEXT!!! Stay AWAY if you haven’t already done so!

    PS — are there any reviews on CASH CAMP?

  15. Tony Falasca
    March 15, 2016 at 3:55 pm

    THANK YOU!!!! I was just about to start this and gave it some time and checked again and found this!

    All I can say Is Do Not Ever Stop Your Awesome Work in Protecting Us Consumers! So Awesome!

    Please Let me know if you do find any Binary Options out there That are THE REAL DEAL!!

    I will bookmark your site and check with you First!


  16. Ryan Lee
    March 21, 2016 at 10:16 am

    I have signed up for Virtnext and I must say that it was really disappointing.

    I thought I did my homework reviewing countless reviews before signing up “unfortunately I did not manage to find this review page before I signed up”

    All review pages were really good and it convinced me to signed up with it and run on Auto Trade. Few weeks later I have basically lost all but $50 bucks as minimum deposit is $250. As I am from Malaysia, the currency exchange is hefty and really put a taxing on us Third World Country.

    If any one wants to know my auto trade history, do let me know and I can send to you a screenshot. Btw I was assigned GTOOptions and the tele-marketeer keep calling everyday asking me to use credit card to put in $3,000. They even have access to my Credit Card Details like my credit card limit and such. That was really scary and I was almost convinced by them, but i decided that $3,000 is hella money for me and since then that I have placed their number on my blacklist section to avoid consistent calls from them.

  17. Robert
    April 2, 2016 at 5:05 pm

    I’ve signed up with nearly 10 binary options companies, all of them UK based, all of them regulated. Not $1 profit. Working now with MTI and FXCM, US based. More than happy.

    Conclusion. Cyprus, UK binary options are in it together. Fake and scammers.

  18. dallas johnson
    April 4, 2016 at 7:18 am

    How is it that this Virtnext gets a bad rap, which is probably warranted, but there is no mention of “THE TORAH Code” AKA “GOD’S TREASURE” WHICH HALF WORKS AND IS SUPPOSEDLY WORKING VIA A “SUPER COMPUTER”Left to it’s own autotrade setting it will surely eliminate your deposit.Another one you don’t seem to mention is Binaryoptionbot, furiously endorsed by Mr Morton on UTUBE, and 10binaryoptions reviews as being the only “Recommended and trusted robot” but for myself is b/s.It, on Trusted Broker “Tradepair, on both “basic version” and, so called “free upgrade version” will chew your account like there is no tomorrow.It, even though, supposedly being told to trade on $12 x1 trade, set about cannibilising my account, even, in spite of it’s limited “safest” setting, martingaled, and placed a $125 trade, at which time I disabled it, this was in the space of 20-30 minutes trading.When I tried to get my deposit refunded under the “GUARANTEE TERMS and conditions’ they told me refund was through the Broker, this of course is never going to happen!!.I decided to try the new PRO version given me by “Free” update, I carefully selected$12 TRADING MoRE PAIRS AND “maximum consecutive trades” as 2.,I watched it trading carefully, it again went “rogue’ placed many more trades than I had authorized, upping the trading size.I turned it off, tried to get a refund from binaryoptions robot people, got the same story of having to get the trades refunded from Stockpair, of course they will not AS, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE AWARE, LOSING TRADES ARE NEVER REFUNDED’ “IS A THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE SIR” REPLY IS ALWAYS FORTHCOMING FROM SUCH BROKERS.i DECIDED TO IGNORE THE OBLIGATORY FOLLOW UP CALL FROM MY “PERSONAL BROKER/ACCOUNT MANAGER TO INVEST MORE”” BLAH BLAH BLAH, AND EVENTUALLY WAS REFUNDED MY REMAINING BALANCE OF BETWEEN $150-$160 Usd.Centument, on Pwrtrade, traded, in spite of “1,”safest trading at $25 exposed my account investing the whole $250 in consecutive trades, for an eventual profit of $27.50.I saw this as being reckless trading, so I disabled it!!The trading platform of both, God’s Treasure and Centument seem to be the same software, neither of them was able to be manually traded properly because as far as I could see there is no c/s for either and I couldn’t figure out the choice if any was provided of expiry times.The “God’s treasure Broker, bINARYBROKERZ, ON IT’S OFFICIAL TRADING PLATFORM, SEEMS TO, LIKE mARKETSWORLD, VARY YOUR PAYOUT OFFERING WHEN THE ODDS MOVE IN YOUR FAVOR.i WATCHED THE aud LAST FRIDAY, IT WAS ON A ROLL, i DIDN’T TRADE BECAUSE MY ACCOUNT WOULD NOT PLACE ANY TRAdes, I observed the payout % for AUD/USD as having dropped to 73% from, 78-80% prior to the AUD beginning it’s surge.These are just a few of my personal observations,I hope it helps some of your readers, Mr Dallas Johnson. +61400693811 if anyone needs more tips of what brokers seem to get up to!!

  19. Lyn
    April 6, 2016 at 7:22 am

    Tried Copy Buffet robot and deposited $250, setting at 80%, after a few days my balance was down to $120, there were 12 losses and 2 wins. Also there is no contact for Copy Bufftet but I got their email address from another site as it turns out it was undeliverable mail. All these blogs and websites advertising these robots are affiliated marketers who get a commission every time someone signs up, realised way too late. Copy Buffet also lined me up with a broker called Safe-option who I realised later are not regulated and are a scam, people have lost thousands of dollars with them when I read all the info on them. I tried to withdraw the balance but so far haven’t had much luck and no response from them. I guess $120 is not much to lose compared to the thousands others have lost. Beware!!!!!!

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