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Zulander Hack: Get the Honest FACTS Here!

When it comes to selecting a binary options software or any form of profit making software like Zulander Hack its essential you take your time and research it. Many people overlook the important points and jump the gun signing up for things they have not researched enough to conclude that they are what they need. In the end this results in loss of money and time. Not to mention the fact that today there are so many scams that it is near impossible to find something legitimate.

Zulander Hack Quick Overview:

Product Name: Zulander Hack

Niche: Binary Options Software

CEO: Michael Wright

Official Zulander Hack Website: www.zulanderhack.co

Minimum Deposit: 250 Euros

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Claimed Bonus Offered: $1,000 if you don’t profit

Cost of Software: Free

The problem is that many of these types of websites push for time in order to confuse and frustrate. In turn, many of the visitors overlook the most important facts and do not take the time to research in fear of losing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The most important thing you must understand before you continue is that no one, NO ONE, will make you a millionaire for free. Actually, they won’t give you even $5 for free. Never believe when claims of free money are made as there is always more to be learned. When it comes to binary options it is common practice to say that you can get all this for free because technically the money you invest with the broker is yours, and if the software works you do not pay a penny. It’s true. Only problem is….there is a 50/50 chance you will lose as there are only two ways to go, up or down.

The Zulander Hack and its Website

From the very beginning a push for time is present. The man talking in the video makes sure you understand that this is not a binary options software, but in fact, it really is. Everything about it is binary options and I am not sure where he is going with that. Perhaps the goal is to just get people to listen as many leave binary options websites the moment they find out. Still, not a very honest thing to do right off the bat. He also makes claims that you will get all the benefits by doing nothing and paying nothing.

Technically, as I mentioned above, that is true, the money is yours as it is your investment, but you DO have to make a minimum investment of 250 Euros which for some may not be a great option. Not to mention, before you do anything of the sort you MUST research. The software is a binary options system that takes 3rd party signals and applies them to an auto-trading robot that does the trading for you.

In all honesty, no offence to the actor, but the video is made in somewhat bad taste. It doesn’t really give you a feeling of security and the more I watch it the more turned off I am. It’s basically a man driving around town with a flashy car and waving money around. He repeats several times that you are in on some sort of secret and you should not share it with anyone (well played marketing) because only several countries are approved and only few from each will have this opportunity.

After talking about how amazing the software is and how it will blow you away and make you rich almost instantly he takes it to the nearest bar with a $1,000 in his pocket claiming he will approach people and ask them to try the software. If they do not make money in the first 5 minutes he will give them the $1,000. I found it a bit odd though that he is offering dollars when he is obviously in the UK (as per his and all of the other actor’s accents as well as the side of the wheel in the car).

They definitely did not win me over with the video and instead of making the software seem more legitimate it has set off several alarms for me. It is filled with bad marketing schemes and sales pitches all with the single goal of getting you to sign up without thinking. It is rather unfortunate because sometimes software like this may actually be a decent way to make an extra buck (you won’t become a millionaire…at least not without a LOT of luck and training) but the marketing kills it.

In the video he continues to discuss the amazing results with the Zulander Hack software and reveals that over the last 242 consecutive days there have be only wins, but of course, no way to confirm this but his word. The software is available in only 7 countries, and lucky you, yours is among the list. Interestingly enough though, there are comments (fake) from all over the world stating how happy they are with the results. Rather odd I would say. There are certainly more than 7 countries there.

As mentioned above the push for time is always there and as you watch the video there are always the signs of how you are getting closer to missing out on this opportunity. Again a common marketing tactic which ensures that those that are desperate sign up almost immediately. Interestingly enough, they have actually put in more effort to make the website seem legit than simply making a video that really is quality. The video itself does seem to have some extras at the bottom in order to make it seem as if its Streaming, which of course, it is not. Also even has a counter of how many people are currently watching this “streaming” video and if you have fallen for it without researching it your heart will probably start pounding, worried that one of these individuals will grab the opportunity from right under your nose. There are of course numerous other reminders of how you are certainly not the only one interested and someone else will land this awesome opportunity while you are thinking.

Even though they are fake, obviously, I am actually quite impressed with their creativity on the comments. Yes, it is made to deceive but it is certainly very creative. If you scroll down to the comments area you will note that the last comment is posted just the same minute you opened the website. From there each comment is made about 1-2 minutes before the last. This also gives the impression that interest is high and that you simply cannot miss this opportunity.

Now, before you completely write off this system I do want to say something. Even though everything I have mentioned above really makes it all seem like a horrible scam I have come to the conclusion that even legitimate websites that actually offer software that really works use these same schemes to convince people to sign up. This is because today scams are actually attracting more people than legitimate software and rather than try to fight it they have joined in their tactics in order to get attention otherwise they end up being overlooked among the thousands binary options software. I don’t think that it necessarily means that this is one of those legitimate websites, but I do want you to keep an open mind until you have read through the entire review.

Now that you have taken a look at the website through my eyes I do want to note one thing. These tactics are used by ALL of the binary options website. So far I have yet to visit a binary options software website and not see more than half of them at the very least. They have definitely gotten creative with some of their marketing, but for sure, it’s a common practice. Even though I would love to claim that it’s a scam, I cannot rely entirely on what I see in the official website. So read on.

Why Thumbs Down for the Zulander Hack

Of course there is plenty I didn’t like and most I have thrown in there right along with the website information. The one thing I was most bothered by was the video and the things the speaker said. Even though they did use some creativity in the website the video contradicts itself and the actor is simply shady looking. I would buy a watch from him let alone invest 250 Euro in his software, just saying. But, that is an opinion, not a fact.

The use of actors in such websites is very common and I can guarantee that not one individual in the videos is a genuine user of the software. All images of people in the website are either stock photos or stolen images from people’s profiles. Binary options websites turn to services found on Fiverr and pay for testimonials because dealing with real people is a pain and requires a lot of paperwork to ensure all is legally approved. With that said, this doesn’t clear them of the fact that at least they could have paid for better actors.

My research took me to numerous 3rd party websites and even though I always ended up with plenty of information about the software I found nothing on Michael Write, the developer and CEO. There is no such individual that is connected to the Zulander Hack without it being a promotional review.

Finally, what really bothers me with websites like these is their affiliate programs. They actually pay people for bringing in traffic. Hence why there are so many positive reviews that provide little to no additional information about the software. This too is common practice but unfortunately most people do not know this and instead believe these reviews and then feel cheated, rightfully. This is exactly why I will not tell you TO or NOT TO invest with them, I just provide the information and from there you decide.

Why Thumbs Up for the Zulander Hack

I have to admit that I came up a little empty handed here. One of the pros is that the software really is free. You do not have to pay to use it and invest through it regardless the amount of profits you make. This is actually quite good as there are some that do require payment (one time or through percent from the winnings).

In order to give you some unbiased views on this software I turned to several of my trusted 3rd party websites and forums which are not run by marketers but by people that actually trade and experiment with the different software out there. Considering that this software has been up only since December of 2015 it’s understandable that there are only a few genuine reviews out there. Again, I am not talking about the reviews you will find when doing a search in a search engine. These are forums and several well-hidden websites which stay hidden with the mere goal to keep spammers, affiliates, and scam promoters out.

Surprisingly, I actually found some interesting results. Yes, there were plenty of negative feedback as well (lost investment quickly, difficulty with customer service, glitches in the software, etc.) there were actually also positive ones. I would say that they were about 50/50 but the reason I have this as a positive is mainly because rarely do I actually get any real positive comments if the product is a scam. Of course, still this is not guarantee.

I just want to underline that you will not become a millionaire and most likely you won’t make even half of what this guy promises you. Still, as long as you are making a profit, though slow and in small sums, I think it could be a good option.

The Verdict?

The software has numerous shady problems in the website and marketing in general but some of the positive, genuine, feedback that I’ve found in some of my trusted 3rd party websites has got me thinking. Either way. As I always say, don’t stop your research here with my article but continue it until you are 100% certain and fully satisfied with your decision regarding the Zulander Hack.

3 thoughts on “zulander hack Scam

  1. Titans
    February 26, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I have given this scam more attention than i should have mainly because of the numerous positive reviews found online and wanted to know more about it. It seemed like a scam when i first visited the page but knowing that many of them do regardless, I decided to continue researching. The number of positive reviews completely blew me away and i even considered actually signing up. The titles do now give it away whether it’s a positive or negative review until you read it all and it wasn’t until the 5th or 6th review that i finally found a negative one that said it like it is, and this was yours. Although i have kept researching i have found yours to offer the most information on this scam. Happy to see that there are at least some reviews that are genuine out there because too many people will fall for this as it really does give a lot of home, especially if you sit through their long video. I agree, stay away!

  2. hunter
    February 26, 2016 at 8:40 pm

    I have a friend that tried this! I am on mission to find a decent binary options software and when i saw this review come up it remind me of him. 2 wks ago he invested 500$ with them and called me all excited about how he is going to be rich and found a secret software that can not lose. Even sent me the link but i completely forgot about it. About a week later he calls me furious how he couldn’t find anyone to answer his questions and how he lost all of his investment. He decided that it’s sure thing and decided to invest double the minimum to get faster results.

  3. PatBoot
    March 11, 2016 at 11:38 am

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